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Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips Everyone Should Know

Having youthful-looking skin used to be something we only dreamed about in the past. Right now, it is very close to reality, regardless of our age. This is in large part due to the several anti-aging options we have on the market.

So, what should you do to have that beautiful skin celebrities have? Is there a secret that nobody wants to talk about? Not really.

What you need to do is to adjust your day-to-day skin care routine so you accommodate the changes happening to your skin as you age. This is why you need to do the following to age-proof the skin while you age.

Use Gentler Face Washes

Your skin is not as great as it used to be so why would you expect to use the exact same routine for the same results? Cleansing your skin should be different. You need to use a gentler formula and touch because your skin will become more sensitive and less oily. Basically, even if you have to deal with adult acne breakouts, gentler face washes are better than drying washes.

Use your product with a light hand, preferably in circular, gentle motions. It is important to avoid scrubbing since it will irritate your already sensitive skin. At the same time, it will accelerate aging.

Use Retinoids

As time passes, your skin starts to lose its collagen. This is a very important protein responsible for making the skin look lifted and smooth. As collage disappears, the appearance of our skin starts to become creased. Since you surely do not want this to happen, you may want to use retinoid, which is practically Vitamin A but at a prescription strength level.

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People should start to consider using retinoids when they are in their thirties. Ease into this process by using an application of around 2 or 3 times weekly. Then, your goal is to work it up to a nightly skin care routine.

You can get some great over-the-counter skin creams with retinoid in countless stores. However, you have to be careful and never use benzoyl peroxide at the same time with retinoids. Benzoyl peroxide is often used to deal with acne but it will oxidize when in contact with some retinoids. This easily reduces efficiency.

Don’t Forget About SPF Routine

Everyone tells you that you have to always use sunscreen and this is definitely one advice you should respect. Your sun protection should be of at least 30 to keep the skin looking healthy and to prevent the appearance of discoloration or age spots. But, remember the fact that some sunscreens are not that great and they will not help you to get the supple skin you want.

Try to use sunscreen creams that are more moisturizing. Also, make sure to avoid those with alcohol in them, especially gels and sprays since they will dry out the skin. In addition, you want to look for those sunscreens with antioxidants since they will protect the collagen inside the skin.

Switch To Richer Face Creams

As you are aging, your oil glands will not be as active as they used to be. This is why it is recommended to always properly moisturize so you can minimize wrinkles and fine lines. When you are older, you want to switch the face cream you use and move to one that is richer. This does wonders in trapping water in the skin and will pump up deep crevices.

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And you also get a bonus. You can use the same face creams to smooth your upper torso and neck. These are also areas that need to be treated and that are so often forgotten by people during their normal skin care routine.

Be Extra Careful With Your Nutrition

Remember that most things you see on your body are actually connected with what eat. Try to eat those foods that are very good at nourishing your skin as time passes. You need to avoid things that will dehydrate the skin, like alcohol.

Move one step forward and avoid foods with a high content of white carbohydrates and sugar. These will make you age faster because they break down glucose. It is so much better to go for increased protein inside the diet.

Try to add foods like beans, lean meats, legumes, and fish. They do wonders when it comes to building stronger collagen. Also, foods with high vitamin C content will keep the skin looking more youthful for a longer time.

As an example, when you eat cooked tomatoes, you get lycopene inside your system. This is a strong antioxidant that is very good at fighting sun damage and sunburns. Basically, eating more tomatoes is a great idea if you struggled with sunburns when you were younger. And there are great foods for various skin-related problems you might be having. You just need to research them.

Remember That Supplements Can Help

We almost always stay away from pills when it comes to dealing with aging skin. But, there is one exception every single aging person should know. We are talking about Omega-3s, which is prevalent in some seafood, including salmon. Omega-3s are very good at keeping skin moist. They can actually delay the skin’s maturing process since they prevent wrinkles.

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When you do not eat fish products or fish because you do not like them, or whatever other reasons, try to use supplements with flaxseed oil or fish oil. This will help the skin stay supple since it replenishes the lipids of the skin, which do naturally diminish as time passes. At the same time, we are talking about anti-inflammatory properties that are very useful when suffering from acne as an adult. Just discuss it with your doctor since we are talking about using supplementation.

Exfoliate Every Single Week

The skin regularly sheds dead cells to create new lawyers. This happens every 28 days. However, this is a process that will slow down as time passes. You will end up with rough patches and a complexion that will look dull. In order to help remove buildups, make sure that you exfoliate every single week.

Just make sure you always use scrubs that have round particles. This makes the process less irritating. Also, avoid products that have plastic microbeads since they will pollute the environment.