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Dark Chocolate For Skin And Hair Care – The Benefits You Did Not Know

Dark chocolate can be very beneficial for our body but few people know that. This is because we naturally think about regular chocolate, which does contain too much sugar and can be a problem when consumed too much. But, with dark chocolate, things are completely different, as long as you do not overdo it, of course.

While we can definitely highlight several benefits of dark chocolate, let’s just stick to skin care benefits you might not be aware of. This should show you why so many products nowadays include dark chocolate or why people use dark chocolate for skin care in general.

Let’s start with dark chocolate benefits for your skin.

Sun Damage Protection

Here’s a very interesting thing you might not know about dark chocolate. When you eat it, your skin texture will become smoother. You will also end up with lower skin redness by 25% if you are exposed to UV rays and your skin hydration will be prolonged.

This is all because of the flavonoids present in chocolate. They do wonders at reflecting the bad UV rays, prevent sunburn, and even prevent serious related conditions, like the dreaded skin cancer. It will even help you to fight unwanted skin discoloration.

Premature Ageing Prevention

Dark chocolate is very good at reducing pigmentation and dark spots while keeping your skin healthy and glowing. You should be aware of the fact that it helps bring back moisture in your skin and even keeps it inside it. Also, it will improve skin collagen content. It can even boost circulation. All of these will help you to see wrinkles and fine lines later rather than earlier.

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Cell Growth Promotion

Dark chocolate includes some very interesting and beneficial essential minerals like iron, zinc, and copper. These help because they promote cell growth while nourishing your skin. Basically, your skin will look younger as a result.

We can add that dark chocolate helps get rid of dead skin cells and will detoxify your skin. This improves how radiant skin looks. You will be closer to the fresh appearance you surely want to see.

Skin Healing

The minerals inside dark chocolate also help because they increase skin cell healing. Your skin will be smoother as dead skin cells are removed and you will surely appreciate the fact that dark chocolate will lighten blemishes and skin scars.

Stress Reduction

Your skin will be negatively impacted by high stress levels. In order to counter that, you might be taking magnesium supplements. What is interesting with dark chocolate is that it does include quite a lot of magnesium. This means you might at least be able to reduce how much extra supplementation you need to take.

The magnesium inside dark chocolate will help you to reduce stress. This will prevent the breakdown of skin collagen so your skin will end up much healthier. Also, magnesium can help you to sleep better at night, which is also very important for your skin.

Inflammation Reduction

When you suffer from chronic inflammation, your entire body is in alert mode. Dark chocolate has flavanols that help since they reduce inflammation. As a result, you will find relief from various skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

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Now let’s discuss some benefits of dark chocolate for your hair (and your scalp).

Increased Hair Volume

The minerals we mentioned in dark chocolate, like zinc, iron, and copper do wonders in increasing blood flow and enhancing cell growth in the scalp and skin. This is beneficial as it makes it easier for nutrients to reach the hair, which makes it stronger and healthier. Since your circulation would be improved, this also means that hair loss will be less likely.

Improved Hair Quality

Dark chocolate’s nutrients will boost hair growth and will improve hair the quality of the tresses. This is done by adding some strength to every single hair strand while making them soft and lustrous. You surely want better looking hair and dark chocolate will help you get exactly that.

Preventing Infections

When you eat some dark chocolate, you keep some chronic diseases away, like scalp infections, all while reducing inflammation. Since this practically means that your scalp will be healthier, you instantly end up with healthier hair.

Sun Damage Prevention

Dark chocolate’s nutritional benefits also translate to your scalp. It is not just the skin on your face or hands that needs protection. Your scalp also has to be protected. When your scalp health is better, your hair is better.

Some Examples Of DIY Dark Chocolate Masks For Hair And Skin

You do not just have to eat dark chocolate or buy beauty products with this ingredient in them. You can also create your very own chocolate mask at home. Here are some examples of recipes you will surely appreciate:

  • Mix 1 TBSP of honey and 1 TBSP of cocoa powder with just a pinch of cinnamon. You can apply this to your neck and face and let it settle for around 15 minutes. Then, just wash it off.
  • Melt half a cup of dark chocolate. Then, add 2 TBSP of Fuller’s Earth. You want to let this cool a little and then apply on your skin when warm. You can rinse with water as soon as the mixture dries.
  • Melt 2 bars of dark chocolate. Add 2/3 cups milk, 2 TBSP of brown sugar, and 1 TSP of salt. You want this mix to get to cool down a little. Then, evenly apply it to the face and just rinse after a quarter of an hour.
  • Mix equal quantities of heavy cream and cocoa powder. This will make a paste you can just apply to the face. Rinse it after half an hour.
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Final Thoughts

Dark chocolate is an ingredient we do not normally think about when it comes to skin or hair care. But, as you can clearly see, it has some very interesting benefits you might want to take advantage of. You can use it in your beauty routine and even when you eat it, some of these benefits will shine through.