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How to Enhance Brown Eyes Makeup

People with brown eyes have numerous makeup options to choose from, since brown is such an accommodating neutral. Most shades work, although certain ones appear more natural.

Rust or teal colors make brown eyes pop for an unexpectedly dynamic aesthetic. Use it on the waterline or liner for added intensity.


Brown eyes offer a natural warmth that pairs beautifully with many colors – from earthy hues to shimmering metallics. For an understated approach, try lining your lash line with brown pencil or gel; the subtle hue won’t compete with your brows and is easy to remove when transitioning your makeup look from daytime to eveningwear. Alternatively, adding pops of blue could bring new dimensions to your peepers – the cool tones offer striking contrast against most brown eye colors, providing no shortage of shade options.

When it comes to brown eyes makeup, there are plenty of ways you can add some drama. One such method is pairing eyeliner and smoky shadow for an effect that is slightly subdued compared to your standard smokey eye look – this style works especially well on beauties with dark skin tones like beauty vlogger Shirley Pinkson here.

An alternative way to make your eyes pop is with glitter eyeliner. Perfect for special events and festive gatherings, or when feeling extra festive – glitter eyeliner can help set off any look by drawing attention away from dark circles around your eyelids and onto more attractive features like your lids or waterlines. Use glitter eyeliner across all or part of the lid or waterline for subtle but eye-catching sparkle; or just wear along the waterline for subtle pop of shine! It is even beneficial for those suffering with hooded eyes as it draws focus away from dark circles that often dominate over darker circles around their eyelids – perfect for festive events!

If you aren’t quite ready for full-on glittery eyes, you can still make them shine with some simple highlighter touches. A bit of shine in the inner corner of your eye is an easy way to add shimmer; adding this effect also brings out any golden flecks in brown eyes and any golden flecks hidden within. Or use shimmery eyeshadow as a base before applying mascara – this way it stays put!

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People with lighter skin can take this concept one step further by opting for bronze eyeliner. This look works well during both summertime and year-round use and pairs well with light blush shades; just be mindful to choose an eyeliner shade that’s not too dark as this could result in looking unattractive!


For an eye makeup idea that will liven up your brown eyes makeup look, try incorporating dark blue into the equation. This shade creates contrast that makes brown eyes seem even more vibrant, making the eyes pop out even further. A dark blue shade works especially well in making brown eyes pop; opting for shimmery or glitter shades adds extra dimension and emphasizes their beautiful flecks that make up their beauty.

Green eyes make for striking features, making green a flattering hue all year round – but especially during spring and summer. Incorporating this hue is easy – apply light gray glitter shadow over all eyelids with olive green pencil on outer corner, for an eye makeup that still has a sophisticated appearance suitable for semiformal meetings or social events.

Brown eyes look absolutely gorgeous when accented with gold and bronze hues in eyeshadow and liner, both from eyeshadow palettes and liners. When choosing hues to complement your skin tone, choosing neutral palette is key – lighter complexions should opt for golden highlights with peach or taupe shadows; those with deeper complexions can experiment with rich caramels!

Experiment with various shades of purple for an added splash of color that will really bring out your brown eyes. A touch of lilac eyeliner applied on the lower lid can create an alluring and seductive effect that makes them even more alluring!

To create a more subtle effect, lightly dust neutrals over your lids for an understated but effective look that enhances and defines brown eyes. This technique works best on medium to darker complexions as light colors draw attention directly to them – creating more luminescent eyes!

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When selecting eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, the possibilities are truly limitless. Practically any hue will work; feel free to experiment until you find something you love! Just be sure that most of your look features matte formula eyeshadow with just a splash of shimmer added for added dimension.


Just because brown eyes are one of the most widely popular eye colors doesn’t mean you have to settle for dull makeup looks. Bold colors can bring life and sophistication to your look; your imagination is your only limit when it comes to accentuating brown eyes!

Brown eyes are neutral in tone, so they pair nicely with most colors on the spectrum. But to truly highlight your eyes, select shades that contrast them. Utilizing the color wheel as a guideline, choose options opposite to your eye color for maximum visual impact – pinks, purples and greens tend to work best with brown eyes!

Highlighters are an indispensable must for any brown-eyed girl’s makeup kit, giving your eyes that beautiful glow that draws the eyes inward and widening them up. A few strokes of shimmery highlighter applied along your inner corner or underbrow can draw focus back onto them, making your eyes appear larger. In addition to adding an instant boost of luminescence, highlighters can also help create fuller-looking lashes by applying it along your lash line.

An effective mascara can add the perfect finishing touch to any look, adding drama and dramatization. While black may be the standard for many women, there are numerous other colors available to make brown eyes stand out, too. Try experimenting with metallic hues like silver or gold mascara; using only small amounts should create an eye-catching effect!

If you’re searching for an easy everyday look that will bring out your brown eyes, take a look at this video from beauty vlogger Amy-Rose Walker. She uses drugstore products to create an effortless yet beautiful look suited for any special event or occasion; her selection of colors are ideal matches for brown eyes while creating a warm, flattering effect.

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Add some pop to your brown eyes with some added lip color that flatters your skin tone – coral, reds, terracotta nude or cinnamon hues make great choices; pale pink shades should be avoided.

Brown-eyed beauties can benefit from wearing various shades of blue. Blue tinted lip gloss, lipstick or eyeliner can give the appearance of greener and brighter eyes while metallic bronze lipstick will bring out warmer tones in them as well.

Plum is an exceptional makeup shade to enhance brown eyes. Perfect as both lipstick or eyeliner, but also as an eyeshadow shade to achieve a dramatic and bold smoky eye look, plu can also bring out hazel flecks in brown eyes for an eye-catching and beautiful appearance.

Gold eyeshadow makes an excellent complement for brown eyes. The shimmering pigments help highlight golden flecks in your iris for added pop, pairing perfectly with a smoky winged liner and perfect for parties.

If you want to add some shimmer and shine to your brown eyes, try applying silvery or grey glitter shadow. This looks especially striking applied in the inner corner or on your brow bone for an understated effect.

Glittery eyeshadow can work well when applied sparingly and in cool hues like taupe or light grey, creating an elegant yet sophisticated look suitable for work as well as daytime events.

Dark green, olive or emerald eyeshadow shades can add some shine to brown eyes. It works especially well as an eyeliner or to highlight the lower lash line. In addition, these colors pair beautifully with other green hues such as teal and periwinkle.

Brown-eyed women should experiment with copper or rose-gold lipstick shades for fall. This look pairs beautifully with either a smokey eye look or natural, bronzed glow. For an added dose of glamour, add gold highlighter along your cheekbones, chin or hairline for added shimmer.