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Revamp Your Look With New Spring Beauty Products

Spring marks the season for colorful makeup, air-dried locks and lightweight skin care. New releases offer plenty of ways to revamp your beauty regimen including vitamin C-enriched skincare and treatments that add volume.

Switch up your skincare regimen this spring by switching from heavy moisturizer to one with light oil-infusion such as Gold Rush’s creme-to-oil serum made with coconut and sunflower oils that helps hydrate, reducing pores.

1. GreatShape Contour Kit

Springtime is the ideal season to experiment with bold lip colors or eye makeup looks. But to maintain glowing skin, it is necessary to modify your skincare regimen in order to maintain a radiant appearance – such as switching out heavy moisturizers for lighter ones and adding hydrating masks and serums; switching to gentle cleaners like micellar water may also help.

As temperatures heat up, our skin tends to produce more oil, but primers and setting sprays can help control this for a smoother finish and keep makeup from melting or sliding off. Rare Beauty’s new launch of an anti-melting setting spray may be just what’s needed!

This makeup palette offers three matte shades designed to contour, highlight and provide a flush of color. The contour shade creates an indefinable natural shadowed appearance while highlight and blush shades illuminate and highlight facial features. All three shades come packaged in an easy-to-follow rose gold compact that comes equipped with an illustrated application guide.

If you’re unfamiliar with contouring or are just getting started, this product could be exactly what you need to try it without feeling intimidated by it. It contains an easily blendable powder to eliminate guesswork in contouring for beginners while making mastering this technique a simple process.

This serum-infused gel scrub keeps scalp and hair hydrated while simultaneously clearing away impurities and dirt from its surface. Packed with exfoliating agents such as sugar cane extract and fruit extracts to gently yet effectively lift away dead skin cells for revitalized locks, it also features niacinamide to improve skin tone and minimize pores.

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2. GreatShape Blush

Every week, hundreds of new beauty products hit online retailers, making it increasingly difficult to determine which items should become part of your spring makeup and skin care arsenal. But now more than ever is an opportune time to treat yourself to some new spring beauty finds like foundations, blushes, lash serums and eyelash lengtheners!

As temperatures heat up, makeup often melts or creases, making primers and setting sprays even more essential. Primers create a smooth base to protect color from creasing, fading or sliding off throughout the day; setting sprays contain oils to hydrate your complexion while controlling oiliness; plus there are flattering shades available that complement any makeup look.

Cream blushes can add an element of color to your complexion, but not all formulas provide enough staying power for long days or special events. GreatShape’s pressed powder blush contains natural ingredients for longer-term wear: plant extracts to smooth lips and oil-dispersed hyaluronic acid for visibly plumped lips – plus vitamin E for an ultra soft and supple finish!

Glossier offers an impressive set of brow pencils and highlighters worth trying – with creamy textures designed to build thick and full brows, as well as glowy highlights for added glowy highlights. Additionally, their palette also comes equipped with an easy application brush for effortless makeup application for an even finish.

Hydrating masks are an invaluable addition to any skincare routine, but can be especially helpful for those experiencing dryness during spring. There are plenty of hydrating masks to choose from – this avocado oil and honey mask provides an especially nourishing treatment for soothing results.

3. Sisley Powder Blush

No matter the occasion, having a powder blush in your makeup kit is always useful for adding pops of color or trying out pastel makeup looks. This one is lightweight, easy to blend, and offers a subtle yet natural-looking finish with rose-inspired hues infused with an anti-oxidant serum to help hydrate and protect the skin.

As temperatures heat up, many beauty routines shift from using products designed to target dryness to those which protect microbiomes with gentle, ceramide-rich products. Primers and setting sprays also make excellent additions to spring beauty collections as they prevent makeup from melting or sliding off faces as temperatures heat up.

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Glossier’s Cloud Paint Cream Blush has quickly become one of the go-to makeup products for spring. Its rose hue is lightweight yet contains enough pigmentation for an effortlessly feminine springtime look.

Sisley offers another new blush option with their multipurpose formula that acts both as a blush and highlighter in one product. Its “transforming”, ultra-sensorial caring texture enriched with botanical oils provides complete softness and comfort, while simultaneously adding color and light to enhance and embellish the complexion.

Haircare products that tame frizz and flyaways can make an invaluable addition to any spring beauty collection, and this one from a Black-owned brand offers just such an nourishing treatment with rosemary and biotin for optimal scalp health and hair growth. Additionally, this oil works for all hair types as a conditioner replacement!

4. GreatShape Highlighter

As spring transitions into summer, we recommend products to ensure your makeup stays put under the hot sun. Primers and setting sprays are essential in hot climates; otherwise foundation can easily slide off of your face in hot weather. Primers also create an easy base for makeup application so colors transfer less and maintain natural looking skin tones.

GreatShape Highlighter is a lightweight powder designed to give skin an all-over glow, creating a natural, radiant effect. Formulated not to clog pores or cause breakouts, making this ideal for those with sensitive skin. Use it on cheekbones, cupid’s bow and bridge of nose; or for an all-over glow use on shoulders neck decolletage shoulders neck decolletage shoulders etc.

This highlighter is an organic option free from harmful ingredients and provides an ideal glow on fair complexions. With its translucent formula and an ideal shade of yellow/pink for lighter complexions, unlike many highlighters that tend to look too yellow or pink on lighter complexions, this one blends in seamlessly with all skin tones – apply directly or blend it in with cream blush and bronzer for an all over sheen effect.

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Rosemary and Biotin Scalp Oil is an all-in-one formula designed to promote hair strength, health and growth. Ideal for daily or occasional application on your scalp depending on your individual needs, this oil also features rosemary extract to stimulate stimulation while adding shine and health to the scalp – perfect addition to your spring beauty regimen!

5. GreatShape Concealer

Springtime marks an opportunity to refresh your beauty arsenal, so now is an excellent time to invest in some new makeup and skin care products to regain your radiance. From foundation to body oil, there are plenty of cult favorite products worth adding to your beauty bag this season; plus Amazon is hosting their Spring Beauty Event where many are on sale!

If you’re searching for a concealer that blends, corrects, and illuminates, look no further than the GreatShape Concealer. Packed with skincare-infused ingredients to soothe skin while brightening dark circles and transfer-proof and waterproof for all-day wear – its diamond-shaped doe foot allows precise application with thick lines on its flat surface or thin ones on either side or tip for precise coverage.

Cerave has designed an exceptional lightweight face moisturizer with more than 76,100 five-star reviews to meet every skin type’s needs – featuring three types of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and shea butter to hydrate and rejuvenate skin for a youthful-looking finish. Plus, there’s no SPF, parabens or phthalates involved!

Primers and setting sprays are integral components of any makeup regimen, but especially beneficial for spring looks. Warm weather causes the skin to produce more oil, making your makeup susceptible to smudging and melting away throughout the day. A primer creates a smooth base upon which makeup adheres while setting sprays can control excess shine, keeping your complexion matte throughout the day.