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5 Clear Signs Your Skin Is Not Healthy

Your skin will say many things about you and will play a big part in the first impression people have when they meet you. Healthy and beautiful skin will make everyone know you take care of you and will offer an impression of vitality. If the appearance of your skin is not optimal, viewers will end up thinking bad things. They will think your lifestyle is unhealthy, your hygiene is poor, and more. Also, you do want to know when your skin is not healthy since it might mean your health is in danger.

Is your skin healthy?

Here are some signs that this is not the case.

Uneven Texture Or Blotchiness

Skin tells a story of internal health. When the body is dehydrated, malnourished, or overtired, the skin will start to suffer. It will let everyone know this is the case through uneven texture and blotchy coloring. Fortunately, there are some things you can do.

For starters, you want to make sure you get as much rest as the body needs. We tend to sacrifice sleep due to different reasons, usually for activities that are more important for us. The problem is that sleep should never be replaced by any other activity. If you do not get enough rest, the body will end up functioning improperly. The skin will end up suffering. They do not call this beauty rest for nothing.

A lack of sleep will lead to dark circles, lackluster skin, and complexion dreariness.

Also, remember that the skin’s health is directly connected to nutrition. When you do not get all the minerals and vitamins you need, the skin shows you this through its appearance. You might want to consider some vitamin supplements or topical creams capable of infusing the skin with the nutrients it needs. Then, make sure you do get enough water since dehydration is very damaging to every part of your body, including the skin.

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Acne often shows that your skin is not healthy. However, it is important to highlight that acne can appear due to several reasons. Not all of them mean your skin is not healthy. You just have to consider that this is a possibility.

A bacteria buildup leads to the skin breaking out with different blemishes. Oil overproduction and irregular dead skin cells blemishing will also lead to the appearance of acne. Sometimes, this means you have some zits. Other times, your entire face will be covered. Mentally, acne can be incredibly damaging. You will most likely not feel great about you and outbreaks can easily cause scars that will not go away.

When you suffer from acne, you often end up thinking you will not get rid of it. In reality, there are countless treatments available. A dermatologist will do wonders in helping you choose what works for you, based on your skin’s individual characteristics and what actually causes the acne. If you have a problem caused by bacteria, there are creams that kill bacteria. If antibiotics are needed, they can be given. Doctors can even use laser therapy, oral contraceptives, or cosmetic procedures. Just ask if you have acne and see what can be done.

Dark Spots

For most people, dark spots start to be a problem during middle age. We are actually talking about a condition named hyper pigmentation, which can be caused by different things. Also, skin is highly sensitive when it comes to trauma, which can also lead to dark spots. Even medication can cause the condition, like with taking estrogen. However, most dark spots appear due to UV light. When you go to the tanning salon too often, this actually damages your skin, which is something many do not know.

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With dark spots, the important thing to realize is that it is so much easier to prevent than to treat. You have to avoid prolonged and direct sun exposure without wearing sunscreen. The exact same applies to UV light exposure.

When dark spots are already present, some treatment options do exist. Doctors can help with bleaching medications that include retinoid and mild steroids. Then, there are some alternative treatments you can use. Cosmetic options like laser therapy are also available for some people.

Chapped Lips

When thinking about skin, few people mention their lips but lips are still skin. In fact, skin on the lips should be a huge priority because it is really vulnerable to dehydration and the elements. Sensitive skin on your lips can so easily crack and then bleed when you do not take care of it. Lips easily become inflamed and can burn when chapped and this is not corrected.

The big problem is that lips are not capable of moisturizing themselves. When they are chapped, it usually means you are dehydrated. The body cannot sustain the moisture levels needed for the lips when you do not consume enough fluids. As a result, you should always apply topical lip moisturizer. The most effective and popular options are petroleum jelly, medicated ointments, and chap sticks.

Flaky Scaly Skin

If you see white flakes falling from the body or the face, it is often a sign you are suffering from a more serious condition. The skin is very vulnerable to various environmental factors and can easily cause the appearance of flakey and dry skin.

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One thing you should know is that due to extreme weather conditions, you are tempted to turn on the air or the heat. This will reduce humidity and your skin will become dry. It is vital for skin to be moisturized or dryness is inevitable.

Dry skin is not too serious but you will surely not like how it looks. Also, dry skin is sometimes a sign you are suffering from psoriasis or a thyroid disorder. Even if you do not have dry skin due to some sort of serious health condition, dry skin often leads to skin infections. You need to make sure your skin is as hydrated as it should be. Using moisturizer is one of the best things you could do for the health of your skin.

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