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Celebrating Valentine’s Day During Covid

“The art of love…is largely the art of persistence”– Albert Ellis (Psychologist)

Covid…it is still here and has changed our lives in so many ways that it is annoying that every time we want to celebrate an occasion this thing needs to be kept in mind or mentioned. Alas, it is the new normal and might end up being a part of our lives for days to come.

But that need not really bog us down. We are definitely celebrating Valentine’s day during Covid and we are going to have a lovely one.

I understand that couples might be overwhelmed this year; stress due to unemployment, work from home, managing household chores along with work, fear of falling sick etc. And if you are parents then children being at home constantly needing attention, home schooling etc could take the stress to a whole new level.

Some people might think why just this day to celebrate love? It can be expressed in several ways on any day. True. But it is alright at times to have this one day to make it “more special”, “revive the romance” and “do something extra”. One day reserved just for LOVE. And if you don’t want that to be the 14th of February, you could use these tips to celebrate “LOVE” on whichever day you find convenient!

But guys this year the Valentine’s falls on a Sunday! Isn’t that convenient?

Unlike previous years, this year celebrating Valentine’s day during Covid might require a bit more of planning and preparation. You might need to get a little more creative to have an intimate day with your partner- but that’s fun right?

Listed below are few ways which would make celebrating Valentine’s day during Covid more fun and more intimate:

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1. Breakfast in Bed

Yup! We all love it. Nothing screams “love” better that a breakfast in bed. Trust me it is really amazing when you wake up and you have your favourites served to you especially by your partner. You know your partner’s preferences. So, check the pantry and make sure you have all the ingredients available to prepare whatever dish you want to serve to your loved one the moment they wake up.

Maybe the previous day, take some time out to decide on a menu. There are a lot of recipes online that could help you tweak your regular breakfast and help you make it special. And if you succeed, the bed in breakfast might receive a steamy reward?. A good workout in bed in the morning is probably the best work out!

2. Plan a dinner.

Now, this dinner is going to be at home. So, why don’t you and your partner spend some quality time in the kitchen and cook your favourite dishes. You can decide who makes what. Maybe one could handle the main course and the other can do the appetizers and desserts.

But my opinion: Just order a takeout. Maybe from an expensive place. Instead of spending on gifts this year, simply order in from your favourite place. I mean we all know that cooking means a lot of dirty dishes in the sink and a lot of cleaning up post that. That could be a mood spoiler. Don’t you think?

But there are a lot of who love to cook…to each his own!

3. Don’t forget the cocktails!

Instead of spending time cooking, just whip up some cocktails. That is definitely fun. And not much work involved. You could check some recipes here and if you prefer to stick to wine or champagne, make sure that you order it well before time. If you prefer something warm, then try these.

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4. Make it a Spa day!

Who doesn’t love a spa? But Covid might restrict your visit to spas. So, at home, give each other a massage with some aroma or scented oils. Pamper yourselves with face masks and follow it with a hot shower. For those who have the luxury of having a bathtub, use a bath bomb and get into the tub together. Here, you could use candles to set the mood by lighting a few candles. A perfect spa at home.

5. Take a virtual class.

This could be an interesting option. You and your partner could take any virtual class online. It depends on what interests the both of you. It could be a class on making cocktails; maybe a dance class.My suggestion would be taking a class on couples’ yoga. They have a lot of sessions for beginners and it will be amazing and intimate. A perfect choice for your special day.

6. Do not forget to decorate!

Very important, people! You are preparing for your special evening so obviously you need to set the mood again. You could use flowers, some lighting, candles. It is ok to keep it simple. Need not be too extravagant. Or if it is possible, recreate your first date!

7. Indulge in some couple activity.

This is going to be really cute. You could go cycling with your partner, take a walk in the nature, create a bucket list together, write love letters for each other and save them for the evening and read them out to each other, go through old pictures- nostalgia is a great way to reconnect and reminds you of your journey together. It is a special feeling-very emotional. This is where “romance meets love”.

8. Arrange for a Home Bar Crawl

We are missing our visits to the pubs. So why not just try and recreate something similar. It might not be the same but yeah could be fun. Maybe you could decide a theme for each room, and have different drinks waiting for you in them. This you could do it alone and let it be a surprise for your partner.

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9. Glam up!

Just because you are celebrating Valentine’s day at home doesn’t mean they have to be in your PJs. Here, you could indulge a bit, buy a new outfit or it could also be something you haven’t used in a while. Since you don’t need masks at home, the women can put their best make up on, do your hair, nails, everything. Make him fall for you all over again!

10. Binge on Movies

It is possible that some couples might want to keep it simple. Then the best way would be to take your drink, settle down on the couch and binge watch some of the most romantic movies. Some of my favourites: It Happened One Night, An Officer and A Gentleman, Casablanca (kind of obvious), Blue Valentine, Roman Holiday, About Time, Atonement, The Notebook (guess you must have watched this one a lot of times), The Way We Were and Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight (you got to watch them all!).

Obviously, there are so many more. Maybe you could try some International movies as well!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s. Drop us a line if you and your partner tried something totally different and new. We would love to hear from you.

As Lenny Bruce quoted- “There are never enough I Love You’s”.