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How To Choose A Great Pet For Your Family

Getting a pet is a very important decision. You should not make it in the heat of the moment. Your choice has to suit your entire family, your lifestyle, and your home. If you want to make the correct choice, there are some things you have to take into account.

Keep in mind that being a pet owner is a very big responsibility. In some cases, you choose your pet to teach children a thing or two about responsibility. In others, you are choosing a companion. Sometimes, you just love animals and you want to care for one.

Regardless of the reason, let’s talk about all the important things to consider when you choose your pet.

Choose The Pet That Suits The Family’s Lifestyle

Let’s think about a specific example. For instance, let’s say you are a working couple and you need to go through a long commute to get to work. This would keep you out of the home for a large part of the day. In this case, you most likely should not get a dog. Your new pet should need less day-to-day care and time investment. You might consider a cat or a rabbit.

If you are a retired couple and you have a lot of free time, the dog is a great option. You would be able to handle long walks and you could offer the companionship such a pet needs.

Always think about how much care your new pet will need. This is the most important thing to take into account when you make your final choice.

What To Ask When You Choose Your Pet

Make your choice easier by thinking about these very important things:

  • How much attention and care you can offer.
  • The level of exercise the pet needs.
  • The animal’s expected lifespan.
  • How much exercise the animal needs.
  • The costs associated with caring for the pet.
  • Whether or not special equipment is necessary.
  • What grooming involves, together with how much grooming the pet needs.
  • The type of food the pet eats.
  • Where the pet will live.
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You need to understand that we are talking about a commitment you make for the long term. You thus need to do your research. Impulse buying is a very bad choice since you will be welcoming a new soul into your family. The local vet can give you more advice if you need it.

Pet Ownership Costs

We need to discuss pet ownership costs because it is very easy to underestimate them. Being a pet owner involves costs like the following:

  • Vet bills, like worm treatment or flea treatment.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Neutering.
  • Pet insurance.
  • Day care, boarding, and pet-sitting costs you need to meet to cover holidays.

By taking into account what was written above, you surely already have a shortlist of all the pets you could consider. Narrow down your list even more by knowing these things.

When You Choose A Dog

If you want to get a dog, there is a pretty good possibility you already know what breed you would like. The fact is that different dog breeds have different personalities and needs. You have to choose the one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

The best thing you can do is to read absolutely everything about the considered dog breed’s temperament, how much exercise it needs, potential health issues, and expected lifespan. This helps you to make a better choice.

As an example, when someone in the family suffers from asthma, the best dog breed for you is a hypoallergenic one. This includes options like Yorkshire terriers and Shih Tzu.

If you cannot find information about a specific dog breed, simply talk to a local vet who can offer some advice.

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When You Choose A Cat

A cat is usually solidary and independent. But, it does need care and love. You have to think about how the cat will exercise if you stay out most of the day as you are at work. And you need to make sure the door on your home can accommodate such a need.

Keep in mind that cats with longer hair need more grooming, which automatically means you need to spend more time on the cat. And you should take into account that cats will scratch carpets and your furniture. Some scratching posts will be needed.

When You Choose A Rabbit

A rabbit can be a wonderful house pet and you do not need to take care of him as much as you do with cats or dogs. These pets are very fluffy and cute but remember that they do not always appreciate being picked up or cuddled. This is something you need to take into account when you choose a pet for a child.

Remember that rabbits tend to be very sociable. They can be quite lonely when they are alone. You need to keep your rabbits in pairs or you need some compatible extra pets, like guinea pigs. Just make sure you always take the steps needed to introduce new pets to your home.

When You Choose A Smaller Animal

The smaller pets, like hamsters and guinea pigs, are wonderful starter pets when you have younger children. They can also be a wonderful choice when the house is small or your home is an apartment.

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You should know that there are many small pets that are nocturnal, which means they might sleep when the child comes home after school and wishes to play with them. This includes some gerbil breeds, chinchillas, and hamsters.

The good news is small pets are cheap. They are very easy to take care of and are perfect when it comes to teaching your child a thing or two about the responsibility associated with owning pets.

Final Thoughts

You can obviously consider several other pets, ranging from parrots to fish. However, it is important to be really careful when you make your choice. Do not adopt or buy a pet in the heat of the moment. It is vital that you properly take care of the pet you bring home.