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Top 5 Things To Look For In A Career

Finding your career passion is great, but finding one with payoff can make the experience all the sweeter. After all, worrying about making ends meet can be stressful enough without having to add another income stream into the mix!

There are numerous professions that provide good pay; some more so than others. Here are some of the things to consider about finding that perfect career for you.

1. Passion

Finding a career that both pays well and allows you to pursue your passions can make work more fulfilling, engaging you more deeply with what you’re doing, and increasing the odds that you excel at it. If your interests lie with environmental conservation or cooking, becoming a park ranger or working in conservation could be ideal; otherwise starting your own restaurant might be ideal! However, following one’s passion could require working long hours or moving to remote locations, which may place unnecessary strain on family and friends.

Career is an integral component of life; therefore it should be treated as an experiment. Many spend over one-third of their waking lives at work and, if your career fails to enthrall you, life could seem dull and pointless.

Your interests might also evolve over time; perhaps your initial passion was women’s rights or early childhood education, but these might now have faded; perhaps your passion for organic food or renewable energy has shifted and now involves something completely different; either way, to maintain flexibility when searching for and exploring new passions as they emerge is essential.

Due to these reasons, it’s wiser to view a career with good pay as an avenue rather than as the end itself. But if the situation arises wherein choosing between following your passion or having a lucrative profession becomes necessary for a good quality of life, both should be prioritized equally.

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2. Safety

Investment in careers that foster safe working environments pays dividends. Workplace accidents can be extremely expensive for businesses in terms of medical costs and workers’ comp claims, along with damage to reputation and loss of customer trust. Companies with strong safety records can attract job candidates while building positive associations among socially conscious consumers.

Employees tend to remain loyal to companies that take workplace safety seriously, and this commitment helps companies compete for talent in an increasingly competitve employment marketplace. Furthermore, employers have an obligation under government legislation to ensure employee health and safety – failing this obligation could incur heavy fines from government agencies.

Safety professionals find fulfillment in their work when others recognize them for their knowledge and expertise, seek their counsel on safety issues, and incorporate them into day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, however, many safety professionals struggle with the stress associated with working in an unpredictable industry requiring high levels of education (often leading to master’s degrees), long hours, and job insecurity.

3. Stability

Every career deserves stability, especially after spending half your lifetime studying, competing for grades and finding work – it would be ideal to have one that helps cover all expenses and requirements in life while offering short and long-term investments such as starting one’s own business or purchasing shares and investments.

Stability for any career can be achieved through professional excellence and hard work in the field, but also depends on economic conditions and other external influences. Below are careers considered secure with high salaries without needing to spend years studying four-year degrees; such as:. Veterinary services, Information Technology (IT), Teaching and Education as well as professions offering greater stability such as:.

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4. Flexibility

Flexibility is an integral aspect of many high-paying jobs, which explains why over one third of job seekers rank it as their number-one priority when searching for employment or switching career fields. Flexibility may take the form of remote work arrangements, compressed workweeks or seasonal schedules – providing employees the ability to take time off for family or medical reasons without incurring lost salary and potentially saving on commuting costs and childcare expenses.

One of the most flexible careers that pay well is digital marketing, which covers various responsibilities that focus on online advertising and content production. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), an in-demand flexible job, helps web pages or blog posts rank higher in search engine results pages. Finally, freelance writing has emerged as an industry that provides original, engaging content on a contract basis for clients requiring original writing services.

Many people assume that careers with flexibility are less secure than full-time positions with benefits, but this is simply not true. Flexibility should not be seen as a tradeoff in terms of quality or pay, and companies increasingly incorporate flexible work options into their workplace policies.

Employers increasingly are offering flexible work options in order to both cut overhead costs and attract talented workers, and these flexible options have proved increasingly popular among both groups. While some positions only permit limited flexibility (like working from home on Fridays), others (project management, accounting etc) incorporate it as part of the job description itself. Either way, flexible working arrangements benefit individuals while making businesses more competitive and productive, reduce turnover costs and foster employee morale.

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5. Opportunity to grow

Your earning potential depends heavily on how hard and committed you are to your job or industry. As long as you work to learn new things and expand your expertise in order to become an essential member of your team, the higher will likely be your earnings potential.

Careers that allow for growth also offer plenty of room for advancement, making it simple to advance and increase pay over time. Optometrist, political scientist and statistician jobs currently command some of the highest salaries in America and are projected to experience some of the fastest job growth projections.

If you’re not ready to commit to taking on more demanding roles, there are still ways to expand in your current career by moving departments or industries within your company, taking on additional responsibilities or enrolling in training courses to expand your skill set, or promoting from within as an employer. Promoting from within can make employees feel valued for their hard work!

Finding a career with ample opportunity for advancement can be daunting, but you can do it right if you consider what was highlighted above.