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Here’s Why Hyaluronic Acid Is So Popular

Hyaluronan (which is commonly known as hyaluronic acid) is a gooey, clear substance the body actually naturally produces. This is just one of the numerous things most people do not know about it.

Most hyaluronic acid is found inside connective tissues, skin, and eyes. The main function of the acid is to help retain water so that tissues remain moist and well lubricated.

Most people know that hyaluronic acid is very common in beauty products. But, there are countless possible uses. Some take it as supplementation, while others see it added to injections, eye drops, and serums.

If you want to know more, here are some great benefits of using hyaluronic acid you should be aware of.

Hyaluronic Acid Promotes Supple, Healthy Skin

Hyaluronic acid supplementation will help skin feel and look much more supple. Around half of the substance found inside your body is actually present inside skin. This is where it helps retain body moisture by binding it to water.

The problem is that when exposed to several things in life, like ultraviolet radiation, pollution, tobacco smoke, and even natural aging, the amount of hyaluronic acid present inside skin decreases.

When you take supplements with this acid, you can prevent the natural loss with some extra amounts that are then incorporate into your skin. You need around 120 mg to 240 mg every day for around one month in order to reduce the presence of dry skin and increase skin moisture in adults.

If our skin is hydrated, it reduces wrinkles, dermatitis, and redness. There are even some dermatologists that will inject acid fillers in order to keep the skin looking youthful and firm.

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Hyaluronic Acid Can Speed Up The Healing Of Your Wounds

The acid is present naturally inside the skin. However, the concentrations go up when damages are present and repairs are needed. The way in which wounds are healing faster is through the regulation of inflammation levels. The body is signaled to actually create more blood vessels when it finds a damaged area.

Studies showed that the application of hyaluronic acid to wounds on the skin can reduce size and even decrease pain. Also, the acid has strong antibacterial properties. This means there is a lower possibility that wounds end up infected.

To make matters even more interesting, hyaluronic acid can also help fight gum disease, speed up your healing process after you have tooth surgery, and as applied to the mouth under topical form, eliminate ulcers.

Relieving Joint Pain

The body naturally has hyaluronic acid present inside joints. This is where it helps to keep space between bones properly lubricated. If your joints are properly lubricated, there is less grind present and less uncomfortable pain appears.

Taking hyaluronic acid supplements can help those that are affected by osteoarthritis, which is a joint disease that is caused by joint wear and tear as time passes.

We can also have hyaluronic acid injections that can offer pain relief. The only problem is that there are risks of side effects and the pain reduction is usually just mild if such a treatment is chosen.

Soothing Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

There were several studies conducted that showed the use of hyaluronic acid supplementation to reduce acid reflux symptoms. In case you were not aware, as acid reflux happens, we see stomach content being regurgitated to the throat. This creates damage and pain felt in your esophagus.

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Hyaluronic acid in a combination with chondroitin sulfate can help the damaged throat tissue to heal faster. However, more studies are needed. What we do know is that you can combine the acid with special medication meant to decrease the symptoms of acid reflux to gain effects of over 60% when compared to just taking the acid-reduction treatment alone.

Helping Preserve Bone Strength

This was not yet shown to help in humans but animal research showed that there are benefits associated with taking hyaluronic acid in regard to bone health. In two studies we saw supplementation help slow down bone loss when suffering from osteopenia. Also, in test-tube studies we saw that osteoblasts activity increases when hyaluronic acid is used. Test results are quite promising though.

Relieving Dry Eyes And Discomfort

Around one out of seven senior adults suffer from dry eye symptoms because tears are evaporating too fast or there is reduced tear production. Because of the fact that hyaluronic acid is very good when it comes to retaining moisture, we see it often utilized to deal with dry eyes.

In eye drops you might see a concentration of up to 0.4% hyaluronic acid. This is enough to reduce symptoms of dry eyes while improving the health of your eyes. We even have contact lenses that include hyaluronic acid that is slow releasing being created right now.

Hyaluronic Acid Could Prevent The Appearance Of Bladder Pain

Around 3 to 6 percent of women suffer from painful bladder syndrome (interstitial cystitis). This is a painful condition that causes abdominal tenderness and pain, together with a very frequent and strong urge to use the bathroom.

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We do not know what causes interstitial cystitis but we know that hyaluronic acid can help offer pain relief, with urinary frequency being reduced. It is not clear why the use of hyaluronic acid offers symptoms relief. However, the hypothesis is that the acid will help repair bladder tissue damage, which makes the body less sensitive to the appearance of pain.


Hyaluronic acid supplementation is safe for people and does offer several health benefits. The acid is very well-known for the skin benefits it offers, especially when it comes to alleviating the presence of dry skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. But, as you saw, it can also help to speed up wound healing and can help with relieving joint pain when you suffer from osteoarthritis.

We can see hyaluronic acid being used in eye drops and even bladder pain might be reduced. Overall, we are talking about a very beneficial supplement that is perfect for many different conditions, especially when connected to joint health and skin health.