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Why Is Homeschooling Something To Consider For Your Children?

Right now, in the US, there are around 2 million children being homeschooled. This is actually double the amount that was seen just a small while ago. When looking at the entire world though, there are around forty countries that banned homeschooling or at least have very restrictive laws about it. This is definitely a shame since homeschooling is something that can be incredibly beneficial due to several possible reasons, with the most important ones mentioned below.

Homeschooled Children Do Better On Their Tests

A study conducted on 20,000 children who were homeschooled showed that they did end up doing better on their tests. We especially saw this in those who were homeschooled up to the high school level. There was also another study in which homeschoolers ended up scoring on average 67 points more on SATs when compared with the national US average.

Increased Emotional Freedom

When a child is educated at home, much of the stress associated with normal classrooms is removed. They do not have to fit in and they do not have to give in to the peer pressure of others.

With homeschooling, there is no need to worry about becoming ostracized, drugs, bullying, and other common social pressures. We even know that homeschooled teenage girls do not experience self-esteem problems as they do become more emotionally mature and happier as adults.

Homework Is Removed

Children are directly and actively involved in the entire learning process with homeschooling. As a result, there is not much need for homework. The parents do not need to struggle as they help deal with homework that is too lengthy or straight-up impossible.

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No Social Isolation

The general consensus of the public is that homeschooled children have problems learning social skills. In reality, this is just partly true. Since we are talking about homeschooling, we should know that the practice does bring in several opportunities to be involved in extra activities, all carried out with other children. Homeschoolers do have several friends with whom they can do sports, take piano lessons, go swimming, and more. Those who end up being isolated are like that due to the actions of their parents.

Highly Flexible Schedules

Parents dictate how long lessons are going to be and can even decide when it is time to take a holiday. Homeschooled children can thus enjoy several educational breaks during off-seasons. So many new opportunities appear for trips to parks, museums, and even field trips. Parents can actually choose activities that would fit perfectly with what is being learned during home lessons. Such opportunities are not always available with regular schooling.

Children Can Make Faster Progress And Learn As They Can

The public schooling system is heavily criticized right now and it is very easy to understand why this is the case if you dig deeper into the system. Homeschooling proves to be highly beneficial when it comes to avoiding learning confusion. Children receive tutoring in a one-on-one setting. This helps learn autonomy since the kid is not intellectually and emotionally dependent on teachers, which is often the case with public schooling children.

The Child’s Special Needs Are Being Taken Care Of

Homeschooling is very good when children have special needs. When looking at the regular school system, such kids are often treated and labeled inadequately. Unfortunately, this can quickly become a hindrance. Also, social stigma often appears.

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As a very simple example, children suffering from ADHD often suffer obstacles and prejudice. When the child is sensitively homeschooled, special needs will never be forgotten. They will be a priority for the teacher so it is much easier to learn without being worried about what others think.

Being A Parent Is Easier

A very big advantage of homeschooling is that parents can be intimately and actively involved in the entire learning process. Something like this is very difficult to achieve with the public school. At the very best, some grudging help is received from the parents to do some homework. This is not the same thing as with homeschooling, where a parent can fully share the learning’s excitement and joy.

The Homeschooler Becomes A More Productive And Happier Adult

This is something few people talk about but that is very important. In 2003, there was a study conducted that showed the benefits of homeschooling for adults. Children who were homeschooled ended up being much more active in social life and in the community when compared to counterparts that were in public schools. There is also a higher possibility the child will pursue higher education, besides the fact that they will be happier.

Just think about the fact that Stanford University in 1999 accepted two times more homeschoolers than students who were privately or publicly educated.

Homeschoolers Tend To Be More Independent

As homeschoolers were being questioned when they went to college, most reported that they were so much more independent than anyone expected when approaching learning and life. Homeschooled children do not feel the need to follow crowds and this becomes very valuable as they grow older. They become so much more independent as they are seeking out answers to the questions they have themselves, without the need to rely on someone else appearing.

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Final Thoughts

The truth is that there is a clear stigma surrounding homeschooling. This is only because of the fact that we are so used to the regular schooling system. It is so easy for people to say bad things about something they do not understand. And this is exactly what happens with homeschooling.

At the end of the day, every single parent wants only what is best for their children. Surely, you are exactly the same. This is why you need to seriously consider the advantages offered by homeschooling. It is something you can definitely take into account since it does often help children to grow better and without having to deal with the several bad aspects of public schooling.

Obviously, everyone’s experience can be different. However, reports do show us that it is better for the child to be homeschooled. So, you should at least consider this option if you can afford it.