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How to Use Mascara Correctly

If your eyelashes have ever appeared dreadfully spidery or have started flaking due to too much mascara application, this could be down to applying too much. Luckily, this can easily be remedied with just a few easy tips and tricks.

Instead of pumping your mascara wand into the tube to extract more product, gently twisting will keep air out and help prevent your mascara from drying out quickly.

Apply it to the inner and outer lashes

First step to gorgeous eyelashes is applying mascara correctly. Two coats should be applied – starting by covering inner lashes before moving onto outer ones to achieve an elegant, defined appearance. Before retiring for the night, be sure to remove all makeup using a gentle remover safe for delicate skin around the eyes to avoid eye irritation and discoloration.

Eyelash primer can also help your mascara last longer and prevent smudging or flaking, especially important if you have sensitive eyes. When selecting high-quality mascaras with few ingredients such as propylene glycol (associated with various health issues) or thimerosal (which has been linked to conjunctivitis and eyelid skin inflammation), make sure they contain at least the former two elements – both will ensure lasting wearability of their products!

Another key mistake when applying mascara is neglecting to treat lower eyelashes properly. As these shorter and sparser lashes tend to clump more easily than upper eyelashes, using the same application method for both can help ensure success.

Use a mascara designed specifically for bottom lashes to avoid any clumping on lower lashes. These products typically feature a small wand designed specifically to prevent this, and often boast gentler formulas than conventional mascaras, making them better suitable for sensitive eyes. You’ll find such products available at most beauty stores and pharmacies, often labeled “sensitive” or “organic,” often made of natural ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter.

Don’t neglect the lower lashes

Mascara is one of the most underrated eye makeup products. With just one swipe, it can lift, curl, volumise and define your lashes effortlessly; instantly elevating your entire look. However, it can be frustrating when used incorrectly and result in clumpy and flaking lashes that leave raccoon eyes behind – but don’t despair; knowing how to use mascara properly will help prevent such disasters and provide perfect lashes instead!

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If you’re having difficulty applying mascara without it clumping up, try some of these simple strategies to help:

1. Choose a smaller brush.

The right small brush makes applying mascara easier and prevents visible clumps – particularly important if you have shorter eyelashes that can be more challenging to coat evenly than longer lashes. You may even be able to find special mascara designed specifically for bottom lashes with its own tiny wand for easy application!

2. Comb your Lashes Before Applying Mascara.

A comb can help separate and define your lashes for an eye-catching look, as well as add volume by dissolving clumps and creating fuller appearance. Combing can also prevent flaking and smudging of mascara when applied afterward, as it helps ensure even coverage and doesn’t flake off during application.

Finally, always comb through your lashes after applying the second coat to create a more dramatic and lifted appearance. Doing this will prevent any smudging or transference of product while adding a winged effect.

Don’t smudge the product

If your mascara smudges easily, try to avoid eye makeup that requires multiple layers or long application times; these may contribute to smudging and prevent your mascara from setting properly. In addition, use a lash primer before applying mascara – these can be found at most beauty stores and provide a clean surface on which it can adhere securely.

Avoid eye makeup that contains creamy products like lip balm or glosses that may cause your mascara to transfer onto oily skin types, especially if they use clear brow gel as this will seal it to your lashes and keep it on longer without running or smudging. Using clear brow gel also provides additional sealant protection to ensure that mascara remains on lashes as long as possible and does not run down into eye creases.

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Many people tend to apply too much mascara, leading to clumping and smudging. To prevent this, only apply one to two coats. Furthermore, only apply mascara to the center of eyelashes instead of its edges – this will give a wider-awake appearance while keeping smudgy lines at bay throughout the day.

Remember to replace your mascara every three months or as soon as it begins to dry out. This is vitally important as expired mascara can harbor bacteria that cause eye infections, in addition to not performing as effectively as newer versions. When picking up more product with the wand, pressing against lids could increase dry-out time significantly.

Don’t clump the lashes

It is essential when applying mascara not to clump the lashes together; doing so can cause spidery or flaky appearance of lashes, and this should be prevented using a spoolie makeup brush to separate lashes before applying product. You should also wipe away any excess mascara from the brush prior to starting on application process; and finally only two coats should be applied; more may cause flaking of formula.

Clumpy mascara may also be caused by using expired product. Be sure to keep a fresh tube of mascara handy at all times and discard the old one after about three months, being mindful when pumping or inserting the wand into the tube as this can introduce air and bacteria into your product; alternatively twirl before extracting.

To avoid clumpy eyelashes, it’s crucial to use a quality mascara with long-term wear that does not smudge or flake off during application. In addition, select one with an easy application system and plenty of room between bristles so your lashes can be covered effectively and defined.

When applying mascara, the best approach is using a clean and dry brush. This will prevent any drying on your lashes that might lead to clumping; additionally, you should comb through with a spoolie before adding more coats in order to eliminate clumps that have formed. Limit the number of coats applied (3-5 is ideal) in order to avoid clumping while giving more volume to eyelashes and avoid raccoon eyes; additionally wait for first coat to fully dry before adding second layer.

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Don’t forget to coat the eyelashes on the inner and outer corner

Eyelashes are an integral component of our look and an eyelash can make or break it. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with thick and full eyelashes; fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to increase their thickness and lengthen them further.

As soon as you open the mascara tube and wipe off excess product from its applicator brush, begin applying mascara to your upper lashes starting from their base and moving upward. Wiggle back and forth as needed until all lashes have been evenly coated; after doing this wait approximately 30 seconds before applying another layer – too many layers could lead to your eyelashes becoming dry, flaky and brittle.

An essential step for healthy eyes is finding the right mascara. Your ideal mascara should be gentle and hydrating, without harsh chemicals that might irritate them. If unsure, consult an expert or experiment until you find one you like best.

If you wear other eye makeup such as eyeliner or shadow, such as eyeshadow, it is recommended that it is applied prior to applying mascara in order to prevent it from smudging and mixing with other makeup. Also consider applying it before your complexion makeup so you can quickly and easily remove any smudges or marks that arise.

Some people forget to coat the inner and outer corners of their eyelashes with mascara, leading them to appear small and closed. To counteract this effect, try using lengthening mascara or simply focus on making your eyes appear larger by concentrating on making them rounder in shape.