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Recurring Acne On The Same Spot And How To Deal With It

Dealing with acne is annoying enough but dealing with recurring acne on the same spot is ANOTHER LEVEL OF ANNOYING! As it is it’s difficult to tackle acne, but a little bit of sleuthing can help us deal with the criminal who ‘loves to re-visit the place of crime’.

Anyway, seriously, why does this happen? We all know that there are various factors that lead to acne– stress, fluctuating hormones, diet, stress, products used for skin and hair, skin disorders and  hereditary.

Breakouts at the same spot and reasons

“We are creatures of habit” and by this I mean most of us have a tendency to pick or squeeze our zits which does not let the pimple heal properly and that could lead to inflammation, making that spot susceptible for recurring acne. Other reasons could be- resting our chin in our hands while reading, working, etc, touching our phones to our face while talking, less frequent changing of pillow covers, etc. We simply need to stop doing this.

Acne on chin and jaw line

Chin and jaw line acne are mainly caused due to shift in the hormone levels. Women might face this during their monthly cycles. The oil glands around these areas react to the changing hormone levels. Apart from that stress, high levels of sugar or diary intake could be additional factors. The acne in these areas could also be a result of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), a condition caused due to small growths called ‘cysts’ in their ovaries

Try this

Reduce the amount of sugar intake

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De-stress by meditating or doing yoga.

 For moderate acne, apply Aloe vera, tea tree oil or a green tea bag compress

For severe acne, try benzoyl peroxide or any antibiotic gel/cream after consulting your dermatologist.

Acne on T Zone

Simple. It is the oilier that the rest of the face. This excess sebum can cause regular breakouts.

Try this

For moderate acne, exfoliate the area to unclog the pores and get rid of excess oil and dirt.

For severe acne, try salicylic acid preparations after consulting your dermatologist. Benzoyl peroxide should also work just fine.

Acne on Cheeks

The most common place for acne and these are also known as “frictional acne” or “acne cosmetica” according to Dr Lauren Kole. Friction with an unclean phone while talking or with dirty pillowcase while sleeping could cause eruptions in this area. Also, the overuse of cosmetics could result in acne on the cheeks.

Try this

Wipe your phone regularly

Change the pillow covers frequently. Switch to silk covers instead of cotton.

Avoid touching the cheeks. Mildly exfoliate the skin to unclog the pores to remove excess makeup residue and dirt.

Acne on Forehead

These pimples are mainly caused by various hair products, shampoos conditioners, hair masks etc. Certain scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis might also lead to breakouts on the forehead; in other words, Dandruff.

Try this

Avoid products that contain coconut oil or heavy conditioners which tend to clog pores.

In case of dandruff, use a ketoconazole shampoo or a zinc pyrithione shampoo.

And the usual, avoid touching the forehead

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Acne around the mouth

The acne in this area can be caused due to excess male hormones or androgens. Apart from that, certain ingredients in the toothpaste can tend to clog pores and cause eruptions around the mouth.

Try this

Switch to an SLS- free (sodium laureth sulphate) toothpaste.

Keep an eye for irritation caused due to whitening agents or fluoride

So, lets try and stay away from picking our zits. Keep stress at bay and keep yourself well hydrated. Get adequate amount of sleep and just in case if you feel like, drop us line.