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How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau

We all know that losing weight is tough. We try to do everything right; eat the right kind food (there are so many kinds of “diets” to choose from), stop the binge, maintain a regular workout regime, increasing our number of steps and so on; yet there comes a time when the number on the weighing scale refuses to go down. It seems stuck and that is when we reach the most disappointing phase- the Weight-Loss plateau; happens to all of us. And this happens mostly when you are trying to get rid of those few extra Kgs to achieve your goal. Annoying isn’t it?

Here are some ways you can beat it:

Rejig your calorie intake

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As the body loses weight, it tends to require lesser calories for its maintenance. So, your calorie intake needs to be adjusted; you need to further reduce at least 100-200 calories from what you initially started with. This little tweak makes a huge difference. You can also up your protein intake so you feel fuller for a longer period. You could also include a lot of fibre in your diet as fibre tends to stay longer in the stomach thereby curbing your need to ‘munch’. *Include vegetables in your every meal*.

 However, if you go below 1200 calories, your body metabolism will slow down, thereby hindering the weight-loss process, hence make sure that doesn’t happen.

Try different workouts

Yes, mix your workouts. The human body is smart, and it can easily adapt to changes thus making your regular workouts less effective. The best way is to shock your body. This can be done in many ways; like take up a sport or dance form, start weight training if you are more of a cardio person, include some HIIT to your workout, opt for functional training. A combination of workouts proves to be more effective than a set routine. It also helps combat boredom and monotony during workouts.

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Maintain a food and workout journal

Yeah, might sound a bit much but maintain a journal tends to be really useful; but be honest! Whatever goes inside your body, goes on the paper too! Journal your everyday workout sessions. This will help you discover the areas you need to work on. Make sure to weigh yourself at least once a week. It is important that you don’t end up starving yourself. If at all you have the will to, you could also take up Intermittent Fasting. It might seem undoable in the start but gradually you get used to it and it proves extremely beneficial even in the long run. No pain, no gain…right?

Don’t Stress

Yes, it is very important. One needs to accept that weight loss plateau is very normal. According to Psychosom Med, stress increases the cortisol levels which hinders the weight loss process. Long term stress can also lead to weight gain. Make sure that you get adequate amount of sleep for a better functioning mind and body.

In case you are in one of those moods where you just don’t feel like working out, do simpler things like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, take the stairs, walk up to the supermarket; things like these. Simple but effective.

If you have anything more to add, do drop us a line. Stay fit. Stay blessed.

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