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Latest Cosmetic Surgeries Of 2021

Well, 2020 changed our lives in many ways; be it our daily routines, our eating habits and might I also add, our perspective towards life overall. But there are areas that still remain unaffected, like the cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. Despite the new world order, cosmetic surgery has managed to preserve its place as well as popularity.

While most of us prefer to opt for the non-invasive procedures, a lot of us want something more, something deeper.

This article is for all those who are searching for the latest trends in cosmetic surgeries. It’s for those who want to know what’s new and next for their face and body.

Listed below are some of the latest cosmetic surgeries that offer exactly that.


We know a lot and more about Botox and various dermal fillers that wipe off those years from our face.

Nanofat is now the fastest growing and the most preferred option for facial injectables. Nanofat is also known as facial fat grafting which is the best alternative to other kinds of fillers and Botox. 

Here, there is no fear of introducing a foreign substance into your body. In fat grafting, an individual’s own fat cells collected from the hips, thighs or stomach are purified and then are re-injected into the targeted areas that require some plumping, thereby reducing the signs of aging. And the best part is that there is no risk of your body rejecting its own fat!

However, unlike the other fillers, the results of fat grafting don’t show immediately; it takes around 3 to 6 months to show the desired results. In the interim, the body re-absorbs a certain percentage of the injected fat (say about 30-50 per cent). During this time, the graft becomes permanent. At times, one might see that the physicians tend to overfill certain areas for the desired outcome as everybody is different and the amount of fat absorption differs from person to person.

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Fat grafting is generally used for reducing signs of skin aging, facial rejuvenation, boosting the volume of cheeks and lips, defining jawline, filling the under-eye areas, breast augmentation and even reshaping the nose. 

One might experience some bruising and swelling after the procedure; at times, the swelling might last for more days compared to the regular fillers. Once the fat is grafted, it is permanent but might require a few touch-ups. However, these touch-up sittings are far lesser than what the regular fillers warrant.


In this list of latest cosmetic surgeries, EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive procedure and definitely a game changer! That’s why I decided to include this one in the list.

The results are quick and most of them notice the results with zero recovery time!!

If you are someone who keeps a look out for body contouring procedures, then you would have definitely heard of EMSCULPT. If not, then let me give you a quick insight.

EMSCULPT, which is an FDA approved procedure, is a non-surgical device used for body contouring treatments for tighter abs and toned butt. This treatment uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate the kind of supramaximal contractions that is almost impossible to achieve otherwise or through any exercise.

 So, think about something like an MRI machine, but a smaller version, which uses electromagnetic energy to create approximately 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in about 30 minutes. To put it plainly, you are laying there, completely still and your body is experiencing the effects of 20,000 crunches!!

Having said that, this is not a fat-loss treatment. It is used for muscle development which in turn “might” cause a bit of fat loss. This procedure is ideal for those who have or are close to their ideal body weight and need a push to attain the perfect body; especially abs and probably a butt-lift.

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Coming to EMSCUPLT NEO- compared to its predecessor, NEO is the first ever machine with two functions: muscle toning and fat removal. The muscle toning part works exactly like EMSCULPT.

 Neo introduces radiofrequency heating to trigger fat reduction. Here, radiofrequency can be explained as a sophisticated form of electricity which when used heats bulk tissues. Dr. Melanie Palm, MD, Dermatologist from California, explains that when the tissue is heated a certain amount of fat cells undergo controlled cell death which is kind of a permanent fat loss.

These destroyed fat cells are later eliminated from the body through natural processes. The final results can be seen within a period of three months. As opposed to its predecessor, NEO can be used for almost all body types and is exceedingly better than other expensive procedures like cryoliypolysis and the like.

Even if you decide to opt for this treatment, according to doctors the patient needs to diet and exercise as well as follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results which could last maybe for -life!


“Lips are always in”, says Dr. Dara Liotta, a double-board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from NY. Unlike normal lip augmentation, here Dr. Liotta analyses the lips-in rest and in movement; and designs a ‘custom-plan lip augmentation.

She explains that lips are made of different parts such as:

  • The cupid’s bow– where the upper lip comes to two distinct points towards the centre of the mouth, almost forming the letter M. Basically, it is the grooved space between the mouth and nose.
  • The philtral columns-these are the lines from the peak of the cupid’s bow up to the nose.
  • The vermillion border– the border of your lips where you apply the lip liner.
  • The body of the lips– where you apply the lipstick.
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Each of these areas move differently and vary in stiffness. For Couture Lips, all these areas are analysed, and a “custom-plan” is made for every individual. In this, one or three different types of fillers are used to achieve a perfect and natural looking lip (Botox included). This treatment is slightly expensive, but I guess it is totally worth it.


This is nothing but combining a few surgical procedures at the same time to optimise one’s look in a better and permanent way. According to Dr. Liotta, the most popular combination is chin implant and submental liposuction along with Rhinoplasty. The combinations are chosen in a manner depending on surgical logistics and recovery.


Basically, there are two types of Breast Augmentation-implants and fat transfer. However, these days implants have taken a backseat. People prefer fat grafting or fat transfer where the surgeon withdraws fat from areas like thighs and abdomen and then reinjects it into the breasts for a firmer and better appearance. It is natural and absolutely safe which makes it the most preferred choice these days.


The procedure is known as Liposculpture. And it is a little different from Liposuction. Liposculpture is procedure that is used to reshape the body providing more musculature. Though it is commonly performed in the abdominal region, it can also be used to reshape or define the calves, arms, thighs, chest etc; areas that have fatty deposits which tend to hide the body contours.

Dr. Ryan Neinstein, MD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from NYC, practices “liposculpting” by combining VASER lipo– a fat melting technology along with J Plasma– a skin tightening technology and he has seen a rise in demand in recent times.

So, there we go; these are some of the latest cosmetic surgeries thatwill be huge in 2021. Have you tried any?