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Men’s Makeup Basics

Men’s makeup products help smooth rough skin while disguising redness, eye bags and blemishes. Look to brands like Tom Ford and Glossier which specialize in men-specific lines; Fenty Beauty also has extensive shades available for all skin tones.

For an authentically bronzed effect, opt for matte pressed powder. Don’t forget a bit of mascara to give your lashes some lift!


Eyebrows are an integral part of your face and have a tremendous effect on its look. They frame your eyes, provide masculine frame around your face, and increase confidence – which makes having well-groomed eyebrows essential to having an appealing facial feature. That’s why having perfectly groomed eyebrows should always be top priority!

There are a few easy makeup for men tricks that can make this task less of an undertaking and more manageable. From touch ups to fuller eyebrows, these tips will help your eyebrow game soar so you can look and feel your best every day!

First thing is first when it comes to brows: finding the ideal color! Make sure that you pick a pencil or pomade that complements both your natural skin tone and eye color, to achieve natural and effortless-looking brows. For example, if you have light brown hair with blue eyes then taupe may be best suited as an option for you.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect shade, it is time to begin filling in your eyebrows. For maximum natural look without looking overdone, short, hairlike strokes work best; for added definition use a spoolie brush for any stray hairs that may come through.

Another helpful tip when it comes to brows is to choose products with natural, matte finishes – this may go against what most women do when applying their makeup, but will definitely make your brows stand out and appear more polished.

Finally, when applying makeup for men it is always wise to take into account their facial structure. For instance if they have more round features it would likely be best to use a pencil with thin point so as to draw straight lines across their brow.

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As you prepare for an important event or seek to bolster your confidence, remember that even just a bit of makeup can go a long way toward helping you look your absolute best and display that ruggedly handsome side of yourself! By following these men’s beauty basics, you can look your absolute best and show off that ruggedly handsome masculinity of yourself!


Men may not use as much makeup, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look their best! From an interview or date to simply feeling rejuvenated, men need products to help them look and feel great, which is why Charlotte Tilbury and team Tilbury created this guide of makeup specifically targeted for male wearers.

An effective foundation is essential for any man learning makeup application. Look for matte powder foundation that blends easily, providing light coverage. Apply using a foundation brush by dabbing in circular motions until there are no visible creases around the jawline and blend carefully ensuring no visible lines remain.

Avoid applying too much foundation as this will appear cakey and unnatural. Instead, aim to conceal any redness or blemishes with men-specific concealer in either tube container form or sponge form for an enhanced natural look – you have several choices available to you including Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Concealer and Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Concealer available on the market.

Finding an eyeshadow shade suitable for men can add depth to their appearance, adding dimension and creating depth in any look. A standard brown is always safe but you could try other hues too if needed – or ask professional makeup artists for help choosing an eyeshadow hue! If unsure, consult them as soon as possible to help determine the appropriate hues.

Mascara may appear unnecessary as part of men’s makeup essentials, but it can make all the difference when it comes to improving your eyesight. A quality mascara will volumize and lengthen lashes for fuller and brighter eyes – use either black or brown mascara designed specifically for men for optimal results!

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As a beginner, it is always best to keep your makeup simple and natural-looking; however, if you feel daring enough, try some tinted brow gel or brown guyliner and see how they enhance your face. Just be sure that when applying products quickly before blinking as some can cause discomfort!


Men’s makeup has grown increasingly popular as an effective way to emphasize facial features, project confidence and masculinity, hide blemishes and disguise imperfections. If you’re new to cosmetics, however, you might be wondering the best way to apply your makeup so as not to give an unnatural or overdone appearance that tells people “I woke up like this”.

Before applying color cosmetics, make sure your skin is moisturized and exfoliated as much as possible. An exfoliator such as Futuredew should be part of your grooming routine to remove dead skin cells while products containing lanolin (which clogs pores). A lightweight primer such as Futuredew may help achieve smooth complexion while concealing flaws for flawless makeup application – its cruelty-free formula contains oils such as safflower seed oil, common grape seed oil, kola nut extract and camellia oleifera leaf extract – for best results.

Another essential step is selecting an ideal foundation shade to complement your skin tone. Before purchasing any product, test out different hues on your face by applying various foundation shades a few at once; compare results in various lighting conditions and compare results between each test; see which looks most natural; men should avoid makeup that’s either too dark or light for them if possible.

Once you’ve selected your ideal shade, use either a blending brush or fingers to evenly apply it across your face. Pay particular attention to your t-zone, eyelids and forehead; don’t forget the areas around your ears and neck too! Once finished, lightly dust powder over it using gentle buffing so as to not highlight blemishes or lines.

No matter your level of experience in beauty or makeup application, these tips will help you master subtle male makeup. Lip balm should also be an integral component of your kit: choose one with SPF protection or features like peptides for smooth lips!

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Men’s faces can play an integral part in creating their overall image. From looking alert after a night out to feeling confident at job interviews or dates, a quick face pick-me-up can do wonders to transform one’s appearance. Great skin is key to successful makeup for men; concealer can go a long way toward masking dark circles, spots, and other imperfections that appear on his complexion.

Finding the appropriate foundation for men is key to creating a natural-looking finish, even skin tone, matte or satin appearance, and combatting oily skin. A matte formula may help, while satin formulas create dewy glow for dewier looks.

Finding your perfect shade may seem challenging, but there are numerous resources available to you for help: You could visit a MAC makeup counter (and ask an employee for a sample or use their online tool if that doesn’t appeal) for professional assistance, while trying products not intended specifically for men like Tom Ford’s range, Glossier unisex foundations or Fenty Beauty’s pro-grade line as alternatives.

Once you’ve selected the ideal shade, apply and blend it effectively so no visible traces remain on your face. Men’s makeup should look natural and blend into their skin seamlessly – make sure you keep blotting paper nearby in case your skin gets oily while always applying with fingers or a makeup sponge to ensure an effortless finish.

While makeup was traditionally associated with women, changing attitudes regarding gender norms have brought more men into the fold. Celebrities may have led the charge; now guys of all ages and walks of life have turned to makeup specifically designed for them in order to feel more confident at work or enhance their masculine features. This guide is meant to introduce basic principles of using men-specific cosmetics so they feel at ease using it themselves or applying it on someone else.