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Heart Support – Natural Remedies To Consider

Safeguarding your heart and ensuring that you are protecting it from disease or reducing your chances of developing an illness or ailment should be a high priority of yours. By doing so, you can live a higher quality of life which is more likely to be free from heart disease and other ailments that can be caused by poor heart health.

Not sure how to protect your heart and are interested in only using all-natural remedies? The following guide is here to help.

Cardio Support Drops

There are certain medicines that are designed with only natural ingredients in mind so that people can have good heart health without ingesting manmade substances. Strauss Naturals have a variety of heart support remedies that help promote healthy cardiovascular systems in adults. Such products are an easy and reliable way to support your heart and health.


People have boasted about the healing properties of garlic for many, many years now. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people are suggesting that garlic can help promote heart health and offer greater support. You can either add garlic to your food, eat it raw or invest in garlic supplements. Before taking garlic supplements, you need to ensure that you have spoken to your doctor first. Garlic can thin your blood and increase bleeding risks for those who take blood thinners or who have blood clotting disorders.

Garlic has a variety of health benefits and is delicious and full of healthy nutrients. What’s more, garlic is low in calories and can help season meals. Unsure on how garlic could help you safeguard your health and wellbeing? Check out this guide.

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Vitamin K2

What is vitamin K2 exactly? Well, vitamin K2 is typically found in leafy greens and vegetables (and we all know how good vegetables are for you!) Vitamin K2 can help reduce the risk of heart issues in general, but for those who have already been diagnosed with a heart issue or disease, eating more leafy greens can be a lifestyle change that protects your heart health and diminishes heart issues.

Certain experts have said that there is a link to those who eat plenty of vitamin K2 and a reduction in heart attack risks. This is because vitamin K2 can help reduce the buildup of calcium in a person’s arteries which is a common cause for a heart attack. 

Give Up Vices

Everyone has a vice, but ensuring that you do not have too many or that you give up the ones that pose high health risks should be a top priority of yours. For example, if you smoke or have a diet that is high in saturated fats, you are going to have a higher risk of developing a heart disorder that could cause death. To have better heart support, you need to quit smoking, eat a healthy and balanced diet and exercise.

For those who wish to protect their heart through natural remedies and better lifestyle choices, the aforementioned tips are a great way to promote better heart health.


If you notice you feel heart pain after you eat, it might be due to GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or acid reflux. These do cause chest pain and there are reports stating you might end up feeling better after you drink some almond milk or you eat some almonds. Basically, this eases your symptoms.

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While we still need more scientific data that can support the claim, there is nothing to lose. Almonds are alkaline. In theory, this means they will help to neutralize and soothe acids present inside your esophagus. The only problem is that almonds have a high fat content. This can trigger acid reflux in some people. So, you might end up making the condition worse.

Apple Cider Vinegar

When you drink a glass of water before your meal, which is definitely something you have to do, add one tablespoon of simple apple cider vinegar. Also, when you feel heart pain, it is a good option to consider as a natural remedy. This is especially the case when taking into account what most people who used the remedy say.

The thing is, most people experience the acid reflux because the stomach does not manage to produce as much acid as it needs. When this is the case, the apple cider vinegar option will help since it increases how much acid is present inside the stomach. It will offer the tang inside acetic acid. Food might break down and digestion is supported.

The great news is that apple cider vinegar will rarely cause any side effects. This means it is perfect for most people. However, the problem is it could thin the blood. You have to be particularly careful when you are taking blood thinners since apple cider vinegar can become dangerous.

Drink Something Hot

Chest pain often appears because of gas. A warm or hot drink is going to help improve the digestive system. It helps ease bloating and gas. You can also consider hibiscus tea, which is very good at supporting heart health and digestion. According to research, hibiscus is effective at lower blood pressure. It also reduces triglycerides and cholesterol. Basically, if you have heart burn problems, simply consider drinking some tea, and make sure hibiscus is the main option considered whenever you have access to it.

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Apply Cold Packs

Another thing you can consider is using cold packs. This is because heart pain sometimes appears because of chest muscle strain. Falls, weightlifting, and even something as simple as carrying children can be culprits. Often, we are talking about a chest wall inflammation, which is the source of the pain you feel. If you apply cold packs a number of times per day on the area that is affected, inflammation might be reduced and pain might be eased.

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