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Home Cleaning Mistakes That Waste Your Time

Most people want their homes to be as clean as possible. And they want to achieve this in as little time as they possibly can. The problem is that there are several cleaning habits that are actively side-tracking you on your journey to get the cleanest home.

If you are interested in saving time when you clean your home, make sure to avoid the cleaning mistakes highlighted in the following paragraphs. You will gain time and only have to make some small changes in the cleaning habits you most likely already have. As a result, you will save much more time than you initially think and you will do so every week.

Failing To Clean The Cleaning Appliances

Both washing machines and dishwashers were created to help you clean things. As a result, many believe they do not have to clean the appliances. If you think like that, you are wrong.

It is really important to periodically clean the dishwasher. When you do not do this, residue and particles start to build up. The result is a sour odor. This is why, whenever you see dishes come out cloudy or you see your clothes smell funky, it is time to clean the appliances. Do not run the second wash cycle before you clean the machine. Just look online for articles about how to clean dishwashers and washing machines. There are also cleaning tablets you can buy online an in some stores. They are cheap and can make cleaning much faster.

Using The Wrong Cloths Or Dirty Cloths When Cleaning

If you use a dirty rag to clean windows or kitchen counters, you do not do a great job. You actually might unintentionally end up spreading bacteria. Also, glass windows and mirrors will end up streakier.

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Get rid of all the dirty, old cleaning cloths. Buy some microfiber cloths since they leave no lint behind. You can also easily clean them in your washing machine whenever needed. The fibers in them can even remove some bacteria without the need to use chemical cleaners. And if you use paper towels, do not exaggerate and simply get a new one as soon as you see the one you use is dirty.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Tools

Many buy specialized gadgets because they think they are better but the truth is they are sometimes just a waste of money. You can find so many tools online that are marketed as making your job a lot easier. But, this does not mean that they are actually useful.

Also, we should highlight people are often used to doing things in a specific way so they do not adapt when something better pops up. For instance, most people still use paper towels for window blinds when a high-quality blind-cleaning brush costs under 10 dollars and makes the task so much faster. And you can also buy expandable dusters for places that are very hard to reach, like kitchen counter tops.

There are countless very useful cleaning tools you can buy that will make your job a whole lot easier than if you did not have them. And there are tools that will make your cleaning job more time consuming than it should be. Making the right choice does make a difference.

Cleaning Dishes Without Pre-Soaking

When you leave your pans and pots on your stovetop since you eat your dinner, all the sauce and cheese sets in. After you finish your meal, you end up with some baked-on food that will need some serious scrubbing. Obviously, this will take a lot of time.

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To solve this really common mistake, after you finish cooking, transfer the food to pots. Then, soak your dishes in soapy, warm water. Just make sure to let the pans cool down when they are made out of metal since cold water can warp aluminum pans and damage others.

Not Emptying The Vacuum Before Using It

It is normal to not want to clean the vacuum cleaner after you are done using it and are tired after the work you did. But, if you do not do this, you will waste even more time later. The bag will fill, brushes will get clogged, and the machine will no longer work well.

You just need a couple of minutes to empty your bin. And if you can, you can always buy a robotic vacuum since it does so much of the work instead of you.

Failing To Clean From The Top

People have a routine when they clean their kitchens. Unfortunately, many start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Then, they wipe the counter and dusting above kitchen cabinets is the last step. The problem with this is that by the time you are ready with the routine, dust and crumbs are already present on the floor.

The best thing to do when you clean practically anything is to start from the top and go to the bottom. You thus do not undo the work you did before and you gain time since you do not have to backtrack.

Cleaning As You Go

There is nothing wrong to having a day per week when you clean everything. However, by the time that day comes, the clutter will simply be a lot bigger. The task will become much more daunting.

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Whenever you can, simply spend a few minutes to remove spills when they appear. Also, clean what was left around the home before you go to bed. By spending just 5 minutes to do some cleaning as soon as damage is noticed, you can save a lot of time when the weekly cleaning day comes.

Final Thoughts

Living in a clean home can be simple if you just pay attention to how you clean it. As you can see, some very simple tasks can easily be improved with a few steps that literally anyone can take. And there are many other things you can do. Make sure to analyze how you clean your home and look for ways to improve the process.