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Tarot – Suit Of Wands Explained

So, we had a glimpse of the Fool’s Journey, Interpretations of the SUITS OF PENTACLES AND CUPS.

This article is about the Suit of Wands and this is governed by the element of Fire, which is also the element of the Manipura Chakra (Sacral Chakra). In some cases, this suit is also referred to as Staves, Rods or Staff. In Sanskrit, a stave or staff is also called the “danda” and since you are dealing with the element of Fire, you are clearly dealing with things that are high energy, volatile and temperamental.

Certain esoteric decks, derive a connection between the Wands and “Prana”, commonly known as the life force. Since we are working with fire here, in a reading it can mean that in the end ‘light conquers darkness’. These cards are mostly passionate and powerful which can urge you to make strong decisions and bold moves. On the flipside: it might simply ask you to slow down.

These cards represent the core of your being- just like the solar plexus.

The strengths of this suit: Source of inspiration, courage, values, passion and drive. It is more action-oriented and adventurous.

The negative traits: Even when I say “negative” traits, it could still be powerful-akin to destruction. Fire tends to burn things down. Certain other traits would be reckless, volatile and dangerous; something you don’t want to mess with.


  • Upright – points out to situations that unfold in bewildering speed, quick execution of matters, endurance, courage, learning new skills and putting them to use, dramatic increase in the effectiveness of existing skills, period of self-transformation and growth, new business endeavours, high rate of success, relentless drive, passionate and encourages you to follow your heart (in some cases), an opportunity to grow on both personal and spiritual levels.
  • Reversed – slows down creative energy, creative block, wrong or misapplication of creativity, delays in projects or its results, a sense of futility, one might show a tendency to demand too from self or others, tendency to over-commit but cannot deliver on time or meet the parameters, sexual imbroglios, short term romance, tendency to undertake risky financial planning, financial losses, slow progress in almost everything sphere of life.
  • Insight – You might find that you need to take on the world, which isn’t required. Running away from yourself or your enthusiasm is never the solution.


  • Upright – indicates time to reassess positions, balance achievements against possible future accomplishments, time to make moral and ethical choices, indicates a good time for partnerships and collaborations, negotiationswill turnout to be fruitful, life-transforming opportunities, tendency to dabble in occult, period where one would use willpower to overcome obstacles, great card for romantic matters, denotes progress, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new options, setting romantic goals and planning future together, planning long term financial future.
  • Reversed – period of stagnant energies, dilemma, tendency to lean towards displaying opulence and grandeur, unpleasant surprises, lack of will, misuse of occult knowledge, anxiety, turmoil and restlessness, lack of self-discipline compounded with grief, failed romantic plans, obstacles in career which are unexpected, lack of or failed financial planning.
  • Insight – A little patience is required. Not the time to get greedy. Self-reliance is the best option.


  • Upright – period of new possibilities which might be the first great success in life, determination and decisive action, a period that indicates extensive travel, a phase of creativity, business flourishes, sudden influx of money, willingness to take initiative, sudden and unexpected joyful news, this card denotes good health, a sudden burst of popularity, taking your relationship to the next stage, a position of control, best time to expand career options, expanding financial goals.
  • Reversed – early success could set in complacency and arrogance, attempts to recapture early success, could be prone to addiction to euphoria which might lead too taking unwanted risks, sense of entitlement, lack of perspective, unfavourable news, arrogance, tendency to insult people, self-delusion, unrealistic planning, inability to make any compromises, outright failure and defeat, obstacles in love.
  • Insight – Do not offend people around you as you could soon need them. If you feel that the past is catching up with you, think whether it is for your good or bad.
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  • Upright – a very positive card, denotes auspicious and propitious, time of joy, celebration, redecoration and renovation, time to harvest karmic rewards, increased self-esteem, time to relax as success is imminent, harmony at home and work, good time to take a break and relax, interventions by senior or powerful people will turn out to be fruitful, signifies happy marriage, time to get together with friends and family, colleagues will be supportive, financial stability and comfort.
  • Reversed – delays in ongoing projects, property dealings might be hampered, small minor details might tend to block progress, time of anxiety, tension and nervousness, a break or gap in work or career, might face a brief period of unemployment, one might tend to hold back due to fear, possible loss of property, delayed success, conflict within family or love affairs, fear of commitment, conflicts at workplace, unstable finances, supporting family might tend to be a burden.
  • Insight – stay calm and do not get agitated as success is certain but delayed. Try to ensure to reap maximum benefits from this phase. Think about what foundations can you lay now that will endure?


  • Upright – this card indicates inner and outer growth, one garners courage to take up a challenge confidently, a phase of prioritization, patience will be well rewarded, competition between colleagues, financial instability, conflict between lovers, competitive work environment.
  • Reversed – trying to take up more than you can handle, inflated sense of power, quarrels and disputes, rivals in romance, bottling up of emotions could finally lead to resentments, writers block, travel plans could be disrupted, incompetence and missing deadlines, overwork might have adverse effect on health, boastfulness, strong pressure from workplace, escalation in conflicts regarding money; however, there would be some peace after the financial stress.
  • Insight -Your expectations are getting in the way of what is actually possible. Are you competing or getting into an impossible situation?


  • Upright – indicates victory and success, public acclaim and recognition of one’s work, vindication of one’s course of action, courage to act upon it, possibility of some good news, indicates freedom from fears and anxieties, period of recuperative powers, optimistic outlook towards life, complex negotiations might settle peacefully, recognition of one’s talent, a great card and phase for leaders and decision makers, tendency to aggressively seek limelight, successful in love and fulfilling a relationship goal, financial stability and rewards.
  • Reversed – indicates resting on past laurels, possibility of a conclusive victory eluding you, tendency of procrastination, deferral of important issues, tendency to be envious of other people’s success, luck suddenly abandons you, too proud to acknowledge that one is losing it, grating behaviour towards subordinates, feeling unloved or neglected, failure in undertaken projects, career goals remain unmet, failed financial investments.
  • Insight – What new challenges do you need to take up? Don’t let all this acclaim inflate you to absurd levels of glorification.


  • Upright – indicates courage, bravery, decisive battle, reliance upon self, a phase which indicates a last significant fight that you need to put up so do not back out, inner battles over ethics and temptations, new challenges and responsibilities, refusal to be intimidated or manipulated into restrictive roles, ability to confront many foes at once, ability to say NO, setting boundaries in relationships, fighting for love, protecting financial stability.
  • Reversed – indicates an excuse maker, fear of loss tends to become loss through fear, physical and emotional fatigue, loss of opportunity, neglected talents, working in inappropriate jobs, fear of failing, fear of being perceived as incompetent, denial in love, breakup due to external pressure, inability to hold ground, overwhelmed by competition, loss of savings mostly due to overconfidence.
  • Insight – Think on what you need to take a stand about. What are you shrinking from? Are your values important or being liked?


  • Upright – a high speed phase in all things in your life, possibility of things happening sooner than planned, something very important might appear in your life, getting reconnected with old friends, heightened intuitive ability, surge in social life, unexpected financial gain, for some experiences of astral travel or out of body experience, developing new hobbies and interest, mostly the “eights” are end of Karma cards. This could mean giving up on unproductive and unprofitable activities, surprises in love, quick movement at work and money; however, money keeps coming and going.
  • Reversed – a phase where things move too fast for comfort or comprehension, it represents acting in haste, one might tend to panic owing to speedy development, delayed response and frustrations, feeling of being restricted, delusions of adequacy, one needs to require to pay careful attention while signing important documents to avoid any blunders, misunderstandings and delays in love, career appears to be stagnated, one might display lack of patience for financial goals.
  • Insight – the truth is that you have abundant energy. It is time to set some clear goals and focus on achieving them rather than getting distracted.
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  • Upright – indicates a phase of vulnerability; hence caution, courage to face criticisms boldly, proper use of skill and determination, a period of developing self-awareness, a phase where you realise what you value. This card represents unsought or unwanted responsibilities or at times promotions, one might gain wisdom and strength at great cost, fearless and ready to face anything that life throws at you, depending on inner reserves of experiences and strength, time to recuperate and regroup, a phase where one realizes that their path is always going to be lonely. Love life may require a lot of hard work, economic duress, and financial pressure.
  • Reversed – remembering past experiences and fearing the future, fear to take up any responsibility fearing failure, inability to move on in a relationship, feeling of sorrow and exhaustion, health might be effected, self-doubt, untrue feeling of stagnation, lack of confidence, possibility of reputation being affected, tendency to withdraw within oneself, loner attitude, relationship tends to fail due to only one partner putting in the effort, struggling at work while feeling drained and fatigued, attempt to escape financial stress.
  • Insight – if you feel fed up or exhausted by the current situation then question, why? What can you do about it?


  • Upright – a phase where things become too much to handle, too much of everything, abundance of talents might seem burdensome, challenges immediately follow a recent success, might feel burdened by social expectations and roles, long-supressed problems tend to resurface, it is time to drop some things and lighten the load, time to rethink how you perceive life and value systems, period of intense concentration and focus that cannot be maintained for long. A feeling of loneliness at the top; but nonetheless it you are at the top. Love seems like a heavy burden, large unavoidable expenses.
  • Reversed – period of oppression, tendency to take more than required, inability to fulfil your end of the bargain, one might face sudden increase in workload and expectations from the superiors, deadline pressures, clumsiness, coping mechanisms tend to be low, stagnant creative energy, excessive control impedes progress, misuse of power, unreasonable demands, drained energy from overwork, too eager to please, failure or reluctance to share failure with partner, deeper economic trouble  if you do not work to understand your financial state. In some cases, relief from financial burden.
  • Insight – Accept the fact that you cannot do so much.it is advisable to let go of some things, delegate few things, and forget the implausible and impossible.


  • Upright – indicates creative beginnings, new insights, unusual ideas, movement in career, charming and voluble, shift to spiritual approaches in life, spiritual breakthroughs, always shooting off in a new direction, extremely enthusiastic and likeable person, fearless and impetuous, honest and straight-forward talkers, sharp intuition, lively lover but might get bored quickly, fleeting romance could be rewarding, taking risks at work, eager to face challenges, small amount of financial gain accompanied by temptation to spend.
  • Reversed – indicates instability, misdirected energy, delays, mischief becomes a habit, tendency to follow dubious leaders, using charm as a substitute for real achievement, drop old friends easily for new ones, incessant complaining and whining, ;tendency to run away from challenges instead of facing them, incapable of finishing a task at hand, boredom with job, lack of vigour, unreliable lover, often fails to commit, financial instability, extravagance in the past will give rise to financial problems in the present.
  • Insight – it is obvious that some sort of risk taking is unavoidable. How would you minimise the consequences? This is the moment to stay on track and not veer off to interesting side-lines.
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  • Upright – indicates intelligence, charm, elegance and creativity, unexpected trips. Impetuous and decisive, a card that indicates a spiritual mentor, tendency to accomplish goals at great speed, shares knowledge and abilities unreservedly. Indicates that the person would herald unexpected change or challenges related to life changing events that are about to transpire, daring and at times audacious approach towards life, unafraid of change, sudden influx of money, travel, expanding horizons, does not fear rejection. This card can be a double-edged sword of sorts, where one might not start anything new but is still frustrated due to the lack of progress.
  • Reversed – indicates fiery enthusiasm than sustained action, unutilized and unrecognised talent, mostly a trouble maker, fluent speech to rile others, vainglorious and inflates achievements, creates and love conflicts for one’s sake, unable to commit to anything-a relationship or job, tends to keep options open to a point of absurdity, tends to fanatically defend a limited point of view, likes receiving love but uninterested in giving it back, promiscuity, erratic personality where one moment likes to be on fire and burns out immediately, lethargic, lack of discipline which turns out to be detrimental in achieving goals, shifts responsibility to others but in the end takes credit of their work. Tendency to waste funds that incurs financial losses.
  • Insight – It is time to reflect and think whether you are wasting your energy on trivial matter and petty concerns. One must understand that the pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.


  • Upright -indicates a powerful and dominating woman. Dedication to their jobs as well as family, one naturally radiates glamour, does not fear rising to challenges, high creative energy, unusual attitude and approach towards life, indifferent to public opinion, hospitable and a great hostess, high spiritual potential, tendency to trust the wisdom from their own experiences, fierce maturity and sensitivity, extremely protective of loved ones, lover of animals and nature, a person who makes strong and confident financial decisions, cheerful and confident lover.
  • Reversed – indicates bad temper, dictatorial ways. The nature of this card turns darker than almost any other card. It is advisable to watch out. Tendency to be jealous which leads to vindictiveness and spite, loves being the centre of attention, can have a negative influence on people, extremely stubborn and would never accept their faults, miserliness, and meanness, unfulfilled or empty promises, feeling of inadequacy, shifts blame on others for everything, jealous lover, unstable. Bad financial decisions combined with overspending.
  • Insight – Question yourself whether you need to show loyalty to people or things? Are you digging your heels in out of stubbornness or possessiveness?


  • Upright – indicates an intellectual person at the peak of career. Absolutely charismatic and lovable individuals, bold and intrepid, great sense of proportion about life, excellent sense of humour, vital and vibrant character, sensitive towards people and their problems, frequent travels to foreign lands and meeting new people, great negotiators and dealmakers, maintains close and intense friendships, self-confident with high standards, quick learners and ability to rectify mistakes quickly. Great risk takers as they have the quality to see more possibilities than others do. A fiery character that represents pure energy. Charismatic lover who does not shy from taking the lead in love. Financial stability and wisdom accompanied with a great deal of generosity.
  • Reversed – in this case heartbreakers, implying more than actually gets delivered, prone to seducing which spills over in all aspects of life, dislikes neediness, can easily toss friendship once their utility is done, displays flamboyance to cover up the hollowness in the inside, attention seekers, can end up been toxic bosses for the employees, spins around in creative circles but no work gets done. No financial goals. Lack of leadership at work. Forceful lovers. The reversed side of this card, although small, burns deeper.
  • Insight – Are you being too dominating? Is a relationship becoming too uncomfortable?

The characteristics of the Fire element is best expressed in the Rigveda

Nothing touched by fire remains untransformed, only after fire burns youis found true liberation”.