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Tarot – Suit Of Pentacles Explained

In my previous article, I wrote about the ‘Journey of the Fool’ where the Major Arcana of the tarot deck was explained.

This article deals with the first suit of the Minor Arcana, ‘The Pentacles’. Now, it is not necessarily called the “first suit”. My idea behind choosing this suit as the ‘first’ is that the Suit of Pentacles represent the Earth element. And we as humans, are directly connected with this element.

The Earth element is passive in nature. It brings about stability, represents the material world, nature, body etc. Even the Mooladhara chakra, which is considered to be the first chakra, rules or represents the element of Earth.

The idea behind the article is not to teach “Tarot” or “Tarot Reading”. It is mostly like a simple guide for anyone who wants to know about Tarot.

Learning Tarot and doing a reading is a different process altogether. It is more spiritual, more connected. Merely, by knowing what each card stands for or means, does not do justice to this art of Divination.

Simply put, Tarot is a system for raising consciousness. Mildly put, just like the Kundalini, Tarot brings to surface the latent and unexpressed aspects of the mind.

It is said that the intuitive and the predictive power of the tarot flows from a world through two supernatural gates called the ‘Gates of Horn and Ivory, which in classical Greek, ‘horn’ means/corresponds to ‘fulfil’ and ‘ivory’ means/corresponds to ‘deceive’.

Popularly, it is known that the visions of Tarot arise from the Horn Gate.

Though tarot is easy to learn, it is not that simple. It requires a lot of patience to form a connection with each card. It could take a long time, but it is worth the wait.

If you ask how this whole thing works- I really have no definite answer. I could say that, it is a form of Divination as it involves certain spiritual process which frees the subconscious and intuitive aspect of the mind which is acquired through discipline and dedication and meditation. In fact, if you constantly engage with the cards, you could come up with your own interpretations. But this might require a lot of study and practice to develop this connect.

Now, coming back to the Suit of Pentacles…a fun fact- in a deck of playing cards, the Pentacle corresponds to the Diamonds.

In Tarot, Pentacle represents one’s external consciousness. Hence these cards give you an insight about health, finances, creativity, and work.

It is a representation of how we shape, create, or mould our surroundings. In an arcane level, Pentacles are mainly associated with ego, self-image, and self-esteem.

The positive traits of these cards symbolize manifestation, prosperity, realisation, and proof.

The negative aspects represent being overly greedy, selfish, materialistic, over-indulgent, mismanagement of finances, too much focus on career and ignoring other priorities of life.

This is an overall view of the suit. Now, let us see what each card means and what it means when the card drawn is ‘reversed”. I would not be writing long sentences but simple key words which will make it an easy read.


In a reading when

  • Upright – stands for luck, abundance, financial prosperity, purchase of new property, meeting influential people, achieving goals and targeted plans, find new opportunities of income or a windfall, rise in status, unexpected financial gain, sensible and sound thinking and possibility of new business ventures, forming new partnerships and alliances.
  • Reversed – Insecurities, doubts, worry, greed, dissatisfaction with what has been achieved, being stuck in the past rather than trying new things, unwise decisions and investments, extravagant expenditures, delay in manifestation of goals, need for financial advice, a warning against taking up a new job or making a new business investment.
  • Insight of this card appearing in the reading: time to refocus on your goals as it can be easily achieved.


  • Upright –Phase of hard work without adequate rewards, sense of inner imbalance, wealth will be spread thin, time to prioritize, situation of strained financial circumstances, need for discipline to fulfil commitments, indicates relocation, and thus need to adapt, too many priorities which calls for time management, tells one to reduce activity and focus on what is feasible or important.
  • Reversed – imbalance in everything, blocked finances, possibility of debt caused due to extravagance, indicates mood swings, lack of equilibrium, confused thoughts or thinking, frustrations, calls for reprioritization.
  • Insight: it is time to develop self-discipline and an ability to say NO.
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  • Upright – initial major financial success, great planning, professional growth unexpected material gain, influx of support in strange ways and from all sides, potential to realize one’s destiny, increased desire for success, juggling display of competence, calls for time management, great at teamwork.
  • Reversed – Misfire of plans or unexpected results, opposition from superiors or groups, boastfulness about one’s talents, disregard towards authority, need to renegotiate timelines, lack of respect within team members, not much opportunity for growth and success.
  • Insight – Time for teamwork and time to consider advantages of people you are working with. Time to self-reflect and analyse your emotions.


  • Upright – Stability in materialistic things, financial gains, time for savings and investments, good judgement in business dealings, lucrative career moves, understanding that wealth also means inner abundance, fear of losing wealth, exhibits possessiveness in relationships, tendency to hoard your possessions, indicates resistance to change or inflexibility on a personal level which means doing things differently could be met with resistance,
  • Reversed – time to re-evaluate especially when it comes to wealth, fear of losing what one possesses, desperate need for comfort zone which can lead to any type of behaviour to maintain it, jealousy towards others, state of paranoia, financial loss and to avoid that one might work too hard and neglect loved ones or family members and friends, total blockage of energy.
  • Insight -The thing one fears the most has come upon them. If one continues to hold on too things in fear, they are sure to lose it. Indicates that one’s possessions possess them.


  • Upright -Poverty or Financial loss, this card can be called ‘an earthquake card’ as it brings about lots of shocks and upheavals, best option is to pause and let the phase pass, time to work on yourself or your inner personality, reminder to be present in the current moment, a great card that indicates potential for spiritual growth but one might not be able to see it due to the ongoing upheavals in life, do not expect people to come and help and do not hesitate to ask for support, this card indicates the arrival of help and resources.
  • Reversed – end of difficult times and financial loss, indicates new job or resources, one’s hope might be renewed and regain self confidence, time to stop fixating over material things- a karmic lesson of sorts, beware of greed, emphasis on money has deteriorated your one’s spiritual well-being,
  • Insight – re-evaluate the belief system or attitude that has been shattered. Analyse where these self-imposed limits came from.


  • Upright -A literal shift in power, generosity, will achieve and advance, one realizes that life is not always fair, one might face strange experiences like; lack of material wealth but gain of spiritual knowledge, teaches one that every gesture of charity or generosity comes back threefold, indicates financial harmony, what you give comes back in some or the other way. If you receive help, be warned, and do not turn submissive.
  • Reversed – indicates loss and gain, sometimes what you give might not come back, try and resist to over-commit, think twice before taking a loan, indicates greed and envy, one might tend to  have unrealistic expectations, do not fall into the trap of maintain a façade of generosity or charity if you cannot afford it.
  • Insight – one might need to evaluate the need to withhold resources or aspects of oneself.
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  • Upright – calls for patience and effort even though the results will show up only in the future; not immediately, success is slow but present, indicates taking stock of life, might need to implement new strategies, time to step back and look at the bigger picture, might bring in frustration due to slow results, a card of ‘realism’ where nothing is instantaneous or there is no miraculous transformations.
  • Reversed – feeling of being let down, disappointed despite all the effort put in, unrealistic expectations from all the efforts one puts in, prioritize and focus, indicate a tough time with relationships as they don’t seem to move forward as planned, insecurities, feeling of fear and apprehension, a feeling that everyone is conspiring against you.
  • Insight – calls for a proper plan of action, need for patience to wait for your reward.


  • Upright – indicates new learnings and new insights, education and higher learning, possibility of seeking the spiritual path, focus on expanding what is available, might develop or want to learn a new skill, indicates commitment to bring about desired changes in life, indicates mastery over your skills, this card is called an ‘encouragement’ card as it encourages you to keep putting in effort which will eventually lead to success.
  • Reversed – indicates focus to create perfection but will turn out to be detrimental, misuse of what one has learned, indicates unpleasant restrictions, cutting corners, unable to gauge what one is capable of, dishonesty, minor frauds.
  • Insight – This card forces one to question oneself about what they need to learn. Analyse and think about your work. Think and see if you need to pursue higher training, new courses etc.


  • Upright – indicates all the hard work that one has put in brings abundance in life, good financial security, time to cut out the deadwood in life, indicates success in future, spontaneity in actions, this card stands for ‘independence’, time to sit back and relax, enjoy the pleasures and luxuries of life, do not rely on others to support you, indicates harmony with nature, lots of outdoor activities or spending time with nature.
  • Reversed – indicates a sense of loneliness, some amount of dishonesty in financial matters, indicates that it is time to reflect on self-worth or self-value, time to practice a bit of self-love, guilty conscience can end up sabotaging things, boredom driven infidelity, might have to compromise on one’s standard of living, best time to re-centre your energies.
  • Insight – this cards questions whether you appreciate what to have. It forces you to question yourself as to why you feel lonely and isolated.


  • Upright – indicates inheritance and legacy, this card is called the ‘grandparents’ card’ because of the insight and wisdom the card represents, indicates mature perspectives, family gatherings and celebrations, transition from one lifestyle to another, represents that one has everything related to the material realm and there is no longer ‘want’, indicate laying of strong foundations for future success, happy domestic life.
  • Reversed – dispute with family, a reminder that wealth can be a trap, family strife mostly over wealth, loss of money, many plans might not go ahead or might come to a halt, health issues might arise amongst the elders, might get into trouble with authority or might face legal implications, unable to adjust with the downgraded lifestyle.
  • Insight – this card reminds you to focus upon certain aspects of your personality with respect to family or societal needs.


  • Upright– indicates a young person with great potential, dainty yet finicky personality, indicates new beginnings like new job or business or financial windfall, tapping into one’s ability to manifest with immense potential, fulfilment of dreams, contracts or negotiations go according to your plan,
  • Reversed – indicates unresolved personal issues, represents bachelorhood of either sex, uncertainty about moving forward with the idea of a new venture, tendency to lose sight of initial inspiration, indicates unwelcomed news about financial matters, all efforts produce no or some result with low value, lack of focus and tendency to get easily distracted, one might have to deal with weight problems.
  • Insight – this card tells you that the current situation will have a lot of lessons to teach in terms of experience.
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  • Upright – indicates accepting one’s burdens and responsibilities with grace, progress is slow but is definitely there, changes in career or job, in times of trouble loyal friends will come through, might have to undertake business related travel, indicates methodical approach towards goals, at times the card indicates the mundane aspects of life, new responsibilities might come one’s way which needs to be accepted without complaints, even if one grows tired one should not quit and this will eventually lead to success.
  • Reversed – indicates being a workaholicas there is nothing else to do, points to a journey of self-development, requires focus on pressing issues, might become overly conservative and resistant to change, instead of isolating oneself get out and try new experiences, narrowing of vision, able and competent but might never really catch a break. This is a card of ‘forgiveness’ so let go of hate and grudges and take care and get some time to rest.
  • Insight -the card tells you to do what needs to be done rather than what you might be inclined to do. Maintain focus and do not lose sight of higher goals.


  • Upright – indicates maternal energy, nurture and care, well liked in the society, indicates loyal and faithful friends, sensible and practical approach to all matters, great organizational skills, born leaders and managers, indicates fertility and abundance of wealth, artistic, sensual and tactile abilities, archetype of a working parent, great ability to strike balance between work and home. The card might indicate a mother figure in your life that would offer the love and support that you might need to get through a difficult situation.
  • Reversed –  indicates self-centred behaviour, paying attention to one’s needs and ignoring the others, material abundance is a must and one would do anything to maintain a desirable lifestyle, smothering love, indicates jealousy and suspicion, severe insecurities despite having everything, one might judge people according to their financial status, harmony between work and home life is out of balance and a feeling that one isn’t doing enough, might have to rethink as to where the priorities actually lie, one needs to realize that one just cannot do everything.
  • Insight – this card asks you to reflect upon your beliefs that might be preventing you from achieving your desired goals. As it is a card that stands for nurture, it might also encourage you to reflect upon how you can help others achieve their goals.


  • Upright – indicates a reliable and sound character, great mentors and excellent financiers, indicates strong, practical streak, confidence to create wealth for oneself and others, no nonsense kind of attitude, accomplishes success in every endeavour, abundance of wealth, no need to prove one’s worth, follow the path and success is sure to follow.
  • Reversed – indicates that money and work takes over life, lacks imagination and tends to be suspicious, unwanted splurging of money, can go to any lengths to earn money where one might sell one’s integrity and soul, indicates stubbornness and rigidity in one’s approach, overly obsessed about money, lack of self-discipline and control when it comes to spending money instead of saving it for the future, money before family could lead to household disturbances, tendency to be impressed by people of upper status and dismissing people one considers inferior.
  • Insight – this card indicates that you can do and contribute much more to the society than what you are currently doing. The card also urges you to teach others from your own experiences.

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