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Gold For Skin Care – Benefits You Most Likely Do Not Know

Using gold for skin care is something most people wouldn’t have even considered in the past but nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular. Everything basically started with seeing gold included in skin care products.

Contrary to what you might think, this is not because of a trend launched by people with a lot of money. In reality, gold was utilized in skin care treatments by Egyptians, Romans, and Japanese ever since early times. We now know of several benefits that you should be aware of. You can check out the really interesting ones below.

Reduced Spots, Fine Lines, And Wrinkles

Most people using skin care products do so to improve the appearance of their skin. They want to get rid of or prevent spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. You will be happy to learn that gold can actually help with that. This happens as gold activates the skin’s basal cells. This increases elasticity, which can do wonders in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, marks, and blemishes, all to make your appearance look younger.

Skin Cell Stimulation

Gold’s ions help because they can stimulate nerves, veins, and cells present inside the body. As a result, your blood circulation is improved. Skin cell metabolism is thus increased so there is more waste secretion possible. When gold is used in skin care products, cells are practically stimulated and your skin becomes healthier.

Prevention Of Premature Skin Aging

As we age, our skin ages with us. This is completely normal and we cannot do anything to stop the process. However, we can slow it down. And gold can be the extra help needed.

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Premature aging appears because our skin becomes dry. Gold in skin care products can reduce skin dryness and even help increase metabolic rate. As a result, premature aging is prevented, at least for a while.

Lightening Your Complexion

In the times of Cleopatra, the big skin care rumor was that the queen was using gold as a part of her rigorous beauty regime. Records show that Cleopatra was using a mask with gold every single night. Her goal was to keep skin looking youthful, beautiful, and glowing. Also, the mask was reported as being effective at enhancing the queen’s complexion, which is a benefit of gold for skin care that was studied and proved by some scientists.

Slowed Down Collagen Depletion

Our body naturally produces collagen, which is why skin is so flexible. Collagen is what makes our hair shiny and our skin smooth. The problem is that after you are 25 years old, the body’s natural collagen levels go down. As a result, skin changes start to appear.

Using gold skin care products can help because collagen level depletion is slowed down. As with other things associated with aging, while gold cannot completely stop the effects of aging on our skin, it can definitely slow it down. Our skin cells become stronger and we are much more likely to look young in a few years.

Treating Sun Damage

Skin naturally gets tanned when hit by sun rays and we should all be concerned about this since it can lead to skin cancer. While using creams with SPF is a great way to protect ourselves, we should also be aware of the fact that the sun can damage our skin in other ways. The tanning we all know is all about melanin production inside the skin. Gold skin care products can actually reduce melanin production so it can be very beneficial for us.

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Treating Allergies

If we look at records from ancient Egyptians, we see that people then thought gold had strong medicinal properties. This was eventually proven and now we know that gold can help in the healing process of several diseases. This is because of gold’s antioxidant properties. These will help increase blood circulation, which would lead to reduced acne and also a lower possibility of having to deal with skin allergies.

Treating Inflammation

Gold has strong anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties. These are helpful since they help the entrance of oxygen into our skin, which helps to renew cells. Also, gold can help with treading several skin inflammatory disorders, including ulcer. Also, gold will rejuvenate the skin, which is something we all love to see happening, right?

Increased Skin Elasticity

Our skin will sag whenever elasticity decreases, or when elasticity is lost. Gold use will help reduce elastin breakdown. The elasticity of our skin and tissues can be restored to some extent, which does wonders in preventing skin sagging. The use of gold inside skin care products is a very interesting thing to consider since it will lead to increased skin elasticity. This means we end up with skin that is more toned and firmer.

Glowing Skin

Gold is sometimes added to skin care products because it improves blood circulation. This is beneficial since it helps maintain skin’s natural moisture level and actually hydrate. Small gold particles can be absorbed inside our skin, which would lead to a very attractive rich glow. Our skin becomes fresh, radiant, and healthy as a result.

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Gold will give us youthful, glowing, and beautiful skin. At the same time, it will slow down the depletion of collagen, increase elasticity, stimulate cells, lighten complexion, prevent the effects of premature aging, improve blood circulation, and reduce the possibility that you will have to deal with wrinkles.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we need to understand that gold is gold. This means that even if smaller quantities are used inside skin care products, prices will go up. With this in mind, it might be a good idea for many to first think about the exact reason why products are bought. There is a possibility you would be better off using products with different ingredients. However, this does not mean that gold should not be considered. The skin care benefits we highlighted above are definitely interesting and you will surely appreciate them.