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Coffee For Hair Care – Benefits That Might Surprise You

People have been talking about the health benefits of coffee for a very long time. And even so, it still seems we keep identifying brand new ways in which coffee can aid us. One of the interesting things we have to mention is the fact that coffee might be quite beneficial for our health. This is not new and people of ancient times have been mentioning it in all their documents. And there is truth to it.

If you are thinking about why you might want to use coffee in your hair, here are those we should all be aware of.

While there is not so much research done in regards to the health benefits of using coffee for your hair, what we do know is that most of these are connected with the caffeine found in coffee, which could improve hair texture and appearance. This is how.

Hair Growth Restoration

As we age, hair loss can always appear. This is true for both females and males. Topically applying coffee to your scalp and hair might promote hair regrowth and stop hair loss.

With male baldness, it is common to see hair loss because DHT (dihydrotestosterone) starts to damage follicles. In the case of women, when too much DHT is present, hair loss tends to appear.

The hair follicles are gradually damaged. Eventually, this leads to the appearance of baldness. Fortunately, caffeine can stop hair loss and stimulate the growth of hair.

A study done in 2007 showed that caffeine was capable of blocking DHT effects in hair follicles for men. Caffeine stimulated the elongation of the hair shaft, which led to wider, longer hair roots. Also, anagen duration was prolonged. The same effects were noticed on hair follicles for women.

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Caffeine is a pretty strong stimulant. It can help increase the blood circulation we see towards hair follicles. With this, we have extra hair growth while also ending up with stronger hair.

Shinier And Softer Hair

When you have dull, dry, and brittle hair, you should add some moisturizer which would revive the appearance. Another thing you could do though is to use coffee. Rinsing the hair with it can improve dullness. This is due to the fact that coffee contains flavonoids. These antioxidants are very good at promoting hair regeneration.

The hair shaft can definitely become smoother. As a result, frizziness is relieved, which leads to hair that is very easy to detangle and soft. Caffeine influences your body in a diuretic way. This makes some people think coffee can make the hair drier. In reality, caffeine will not remove oils from your hair. It helps to create a very natural sheen and retain moisture. Blood circulation is also increased, which makes it so much easier to move the nutrients to the roots of the hair, which leads to shinier, healthier hair.

Removing Gray Hairs Naturally

This is a very interesting thing that you can do right now if you want to. You could use a coffee rinse when you have gray hair to naturally darken the color of your hair. The color of coffee is dark, as you surely know. This will act as a natural stain, which is a very quick fix meant to help you hide the gray strands when you have black or brown hair. To get the very best possible results, make sure to use stronger coffee (like espresso).

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Making A Coffee Rinse

You can use coffee to improve texture, dye the hair, or stop hair loss. In all cases, it is very simple to make a coffee rinse at home. You will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 to 4 cups of completely cooled, brewed coffee.
  • Plastic shower cap.
  • Applicator bottle or spray bottle.

How much coffee you need is all about how long your hair is. Make sure to let coffee completely cool. Then, pour the coffee into an applicator bottle or a spray bottle. Just wash the hair as you always do. You can apply conditioner. As the hair is wet, apply the coffee to the hair. Make sure to saturate strands.

After you apply the coffee, massage it into the scalp and hair. Use the shower cap and let the coffee rinse remain on the scalp and hair for around twenty minutes. After the time passes, rinse the hair with lukewarm or cold water.

You might need to repeat this coffee rinse a number of times until you get the color you want.


It is very important to wait for the coffee to completely cool before you move it to the spray bottle and you apply it to the hair. A failure to do this can lead to a burned scalp, which is definitely not what you want.

Remember that when your hair is light-colored, coffee will tint or stain the hair. In this case, it is better to use conditioners and shampoos with caffeine in them.

Topically Apply Coffee Rinses

Remember that the coffee rinse needs to always be applied in a topical way for it to help with regrowing hair and with hair loss. When you drink coffee every single day, it is possible to assume the fact that the daily cup can stimulate hair growth and appearance. However, to receive the effects you get through the topical approach, you need to drink around 50 cups every day. This is not possible.

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In one cup of coffee (the average of 8 ounces), you get up to 100 mg of caffeine. You should only drink up to 5 cups daily, according to the recommendations of the FDA. With consumption of 1,200 mg, you can end up with seizures.

Final Thoughts

Coffee drinkers should be happy but you do not need to only drink coffee to get great benefits. The hair loss example is great for this. You can use coffee to help your hair look better and the approach is all natural with coffee. Also, coffee rinses can give you some tremendous results. But, you have to make sure coffee is completely cool before you apply it to the hair and the scalp. Also, coffee rinses should never be utilized when your hair is of a lighter color.